dissecting the draft

i welcome constructive criticism. I wouldn't mind being an analyst one day, and i definetly wouldn't mind playing in the league. Canadian football is a love i find i share with few of my peers my age.

The esks shot themselves in the foot. they did not get one Legitimate Blue chip prospect in the entire Draft.

Another case of DM’s Incompetence Please god let him be fired soon.


A little off topic but a bit of advice. If you like the anylyst thing, why not contact Shaw Community Cable? I've watched amateur hockey, football and baseball games, and a lot of anaylysts are people that want to get into that thing. Granted, the audience is usually Mothers, Fathers and girl friends, but its a place to start and get discovered.

i agree, they should have stayed in the first round and drafted either Shologan or an o-lineman, this draft was full of capable o-lineman.

thank you for the advice sporty, i would love to be an analyst, but i may be a bit young for it now, possibly in the future.

Start young, and follow your dream. I’m too old myself to follow that dream. Back when I used to listen to Danny Gallivan and Foster Hewitt on my old “tube” radio, I used to dream of doing Hockey Play by play. Didn’t have Shaw Comminity Cable back then to follow my dream.

well me and my buddies were considering pitching a show to rogers cable 10, of course the subject would be the CFL

Kel the expert :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Chris you did a great job after all we are still waiting for Kel to post his list but it appears that his expertise is above all of us. Good job chris keep up the good work posting.

That’s “kel” in a nutshell. Likes to tear other people down without ever offering anything himself. “kel”, unless you actually plan to contribute something to this discussion (or any other discussion for that matter), I’m going to edit your posts as being either off-topic or spam.

You should get Kel as your guest speaker and he could bring a couple of his so called friends with him. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well Chris maybe that is your calling and go for it. By the way forget that guest I mentioned he knows very little I am sure. Time will tell which team drafted well you just never know.

Usually the teams with the most early picks perform well in drafting, especially if there are many excellent players. In the CFL, Canadian talent is important because of limits on import players. Besides, some Canadians are better than Americans.

Personally I am more interested in which players make their teams, as opposed to the draft itself

You don't have to rush to his defense man. I'll listen and react to anyones opinions all day. Yes, Arius, I have made that same accusation towards you. And you both present things like facts!!! Its not about me not knowing the difference, its about you and Chris101 presenting in a factual manner. BE HUMBLE!!! Start with the always polite, IMHO. I know you shouldn't have to and people should assume everything is opinion here. But you DO have useful facts to share on occasion, or shall we not differentiate? So the moral of the story is qualify, qualify, qualify. Or take the criticism coming your way when you remind fellow posters of annoying analysts like John Wells. And no that wasn't a compliment. I have said this before ... my opinions are founded on 30 years of having the inside track with the CFL and particularly the Riders, though players, coaches, staff members, and personal friendships. I also played the game with several current and former CFL players.
I know I don't need to rush to Chris' defence. On the other hand..... Anyway, humble, smumble. Is using IMHO considered polite? By you? Someone who routinely is anything but polite? And do I care? Putting a goofy abreviation, or a silly emoticon after something that is rude will never make it polite. Or placing it after something stupid won't make it "less stupid". I never(rarely?) ever use the abreviations so popular on the internet. And I am not likely to start anytime soon because IMHO they are useless. Or perhaps the word I am am looking for is redundant. If I state my opinion in a clear and understandable manner, how in the world does it help to add IMHO at the end? It doesn't. And if anyone needs that nonsense to understand the difference between an opinion and a fact, that is their problem, not mine.


Great post! Very knowledgable i'd say . Chief you maybe right what the heck was Machoka thinking! he gave away a great pick for a guy who is basicaly retired. we will be lucky if he plays 8 games this year. hopefully he can lead on the sidelines and help out the younger talent. I think you always try to trade up your draft picks not down .
Machoka is running this Francise into the ground The sooner he is gone the better .

I've honestly never been a fan of trading draft picks. I'm just glad we didn't give away any future top picks.

That is somewhat missleading. 10 of 46 draftees were from Quebec. I guess Saskatchewan media dosen't consider NCAA programs as valid...lol

There is no question the largest bread basket for NI talent in the CFL is Quebec.

As for the draft, I think most teams did well with the exception of Winnipeg, Toronto and Edmonton.

What the hell is going on in Edmonton ?

In Quebec, football is a very popular option for young athletes. It is more popular in Quebec high schools than anywhere else in Canada. And I think their CIAU crowds are the largest in Canada. Remember that the Alouettes have sold out every game for a few years now. Canadian football in Quebec is very strong.

You got two players for one. Both players you got will probably start for the eskimos. Yes Cominsky was injured for the most part last year but is still has several years left to play and Challenger has the tools to be like Ben Cohoon. Young Canadian receiver that will help your offense. Yes he gave up a prime Canadian olineman that has not played in pro ball for a veteran olineman and a very talented rookie receiver sounds to me both teams did well on this one.