dissecting the draft

well, it is over. I must say that it was very intriguing to watch.

the clear cut winners of draft day out of the bat are obviously Hamilton and Calgary. Hamilton drafted the two best players in the draft in Barker and Giguere, and Calgary drafted the two best lineman in Tsoumpas and Newman. Montreal also had a great draft considering they lost their top pick. Emry is a beast, and Woodruff is a big, nasty, sloppy o-lineman. He is my personal favourite o-lineman, he is a big boy at 6'3 and 331.

BC quietly had a draft that builds them for depth, and possibly has some players that can be great down the road. Sorenson is great for depth, Lumbala will be a solid player, he could be the next Lumsden, and Justin Shaw is the best d-lineman in the draft.

Saskatchewan and Winnipeg had a draft that will take a while to dissect. Winnipeg's selection of Brendon Labatte is questionable, but this guy reminds me alot of Matt Sheridan and i think that is what they saw to. As for Sask., Shologan could stick with the NFL, but if he manages to make his way up north, he will be a force. Their clear objective in this draft was to revamp the defensive front. Hopefully Taele Orban can start somewhere down the road and give our Canadian boys some respect.

I do not understand what Toronto was thinking drafting Bradwell that early when they could have got him in the next round, i personally think they had the poorest draft. I believe Edmonton made a mistake trading out of the first round when they could have taken hometown boys Keith Shologan or Justin Sorenson.Greg Wojt is a solid second round pick, and Sammy Okpro is a steal in the 4th round.

Well this is just my take, criticize it, but remember folks, it has no cash value.

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Haven’t you been pedaling the same crap for the last week? Give it a rest already.

Generally teams require good Canadians to win. As for Teale, time will tell. I agree it is a long shot, but having watched him play, I think he could pan out as a QB in this league.


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well the CFL draft has no impact? lets take a look at the 06 draft. Andy Fantuz- scored only touchdown in this years grey cup. Etienne Boulay- now plays for the new york jets Cedric Gagne Marcoux- legitimate starter on the Tabbie o-line. Tristan Clovis- better safety than many Americans. This year is loaded with talent, and produce many good/ great players. sandusky is just on one of his rants where he goes around and says the same thing for a month.

Chris, don't confuse him with facts, it will only ruin his rants! :roll: :roll:

that is true. the sad thing is he won't look at this thread again, he posts once and never re-posts in the same thread.

Chris101. I think I know where my problem exists with your opinion. You present this opinion like a TSN analyst(most of which are inside guys) or a scout briefing a GM. How many of those guys you make mention of above have you actually seen play live or otherwise? Thats a rhetorical question as I think I know the answer. Very few. You challenge professional scouting departments of professional football teams on the players they draft. So Chris101, are you just a guy with an opinion who presents it a certain way that rubs me wrong or are you somebody we should know about?


Chris is posting his opinion and that is all there is to it.
You are the one who is pretending to be someone he is not!

see this is where you are wrong, i have seen many of these guys play live. I watch CIS football on TV whenever i get the chance to, i see alot of Mcmaster games, and i have watched many NCAA games, so i have seen many of these prospects. I happen to be a Boise State fan, so i have seen Woodruff and Clady together, and they make for a mean o-line tandem. I watched over 15 CIS games this year, all the playoff games, and attended about 5, so i have seen many of these prospects. the rest i have either taken information from the E camp or other videos. I also managed to watch the east west bowl, so got a good look at Barker. I am no insider, prospecting is just a hobby of mine, i happen to love college football at any level, and love prospecting players. I respect your opinion Kel as long as you don't bring out the personal attacks.

I think your assessment is pretty good. I agree about B.C. They sort of reminded me of my Colts this year. They didn't have a lot of top picks, and instead basically drafted for depth. Decent draft for them.

I'm not sure about my Eskimos. They had a bit of a quiet day (first round pick trade aside). They did get Greg Wojt and John Comiskey. (Corniskey [sp?] retired, didn't he?) Those guys should help out the O-line. Plus we got some young defensive talent, which is really what we needed most. Our defence was horrible last season.

Your problem is you do not understand the difference between an opinion, and fact. You seem to "be of the opinion" that if someone presents an "opinion" in a reasonable, well considered and thoughtful manner, that somehow that poster thinks their "opinion" has become fact. I know you have made that exact criticism against me in the past.
You prefer the bluster and blab style of giving an opinion, which you use, and anyone who dares to actually have facts or logic to back up an opinion are never going to satisfy you.
If Chris sounds like a professional analyst, that should be a compliment to him. You see it as a detriment.
It doesn't matter if Chris has seen these guys play. I doubt you have any worthwhile credentials as a scout or "pro analyst" either, yet you seem comfortable in blabbing out your opinions.

Why can't Chris?

Anyway, I am done with your nonsense about the draft.

since i watch alot of Boise State football, watching Woodruff, i thought he was the best o-lineman of the draft, and a steal in the 2nd round. I really hope Taele pans out, he finds himself in the right situation, a good team with some QB troubles, so hopefully he can start some day, he is very athletic. Montreal had a great draft with Emry (in my opinion the best defensive player of the draft) and Woodruff.

well folks, you never know, maybe one day i will be a CFL insider :smiley:

You don’t have to rush to his defense man. I’ll listen and react to anyones opinions all day. Yes, Arius, I have made that same accusation towards you. And you both present things like facts!!! Its not about me not knowing the difference, its about you and Chris101 presenting in a factual manner. BE HUMBLE!!! Start with the always polite, IMHO. I know you shouldn’t have to and people should assume everything is opinion here. But you DO have useful facts to share on occasion, or shall we not differentiate? So the moral of the story is qualify, qualify, qualify. Or take the criticism coming your way when you remind fellow posters of annoying analysts like John Wells. And no that wasn’t a compliment. I have said this before … my opinions are founded on 30 years of having the inside track with the CFL and particularly the Riders, though players, coaches, staff members, and personal friendships. I also played the game with several current and former CFL players.


Uh huh :roll:

Chris's post welcomed people to criticize his opinion. I can't recall the last time I heard an analyst do that.

True that.


Well good luck! I wish I knew half as much about some of these guys as you do.

I really enjoyed watching/listening to the draft. I definitely learned a thing or two about how some of these guys are selected and where they are coming from.

I have serious reservations about the Edmonton trade for Comiskey, though it was mentioned that his brother is still with the team (I think). So it could turn out to be some immediate help, and lord knows they could use it. I guess they are hoping for a youthful pick next year.