Dissappointing Loss

Yes. The thread continues.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think the biggest mistake the Cats made this season, was coming out too self-confident and believing they would challenge for first place (like the media pundits kept saying). They never played to that potential. They never developed the "killer instinct" in games. Their victories were mostly against losing teams: they were a mediocre team in 2010.

I'm sure there will be a top-to-bottom review of the organization, to see what is required to bring them to the next level.

Guys, I am just one of many fans who left Hamilton for better pastures years ago. I’ve been to all of 1 game in 7 years. I had to get up at 3am to see the game on the internet due to the time difference from where I live. I have been a Tiger-Cat fan for 30 years since my late dad took me to my first game as a youngster & will be one for life, no matter what.

I’ve followed this team relentlessly since I left. I can’t get my wife to understand how I love this team. She couldn’t understand when she awoke this morning why I looked so upset, all I could tell her is that they lost, again. Same thing happened with last year’s East Semi.

Luckily I can easily follow the team & league online.

A lot of us are disappointed, how could we not be. At the end of the day though, I’m confident that Obie will address the problems with this team, from coaching to players.

2 home East Semi losses in a row sucks big time, but I got to believe that things’ll get better. I’ve been saying it to myself for a long time now and will keep saying it to myself and anyone who’ll listen to me, for years if necessary.

Now I’ll just sit back and hope the Riders win, they’ve got ex-Cats like we’ve got ex-Lions.

Oskee Wee Wee!!!