Dissappointing Loss

This playoff game was such a dissappointing end to what I would say was a bit of a dissappointing season.

I'm not going to blame anyone in the organization. This just sums up my overall feeling.

We lost to a team that I know is not better than us due primarily to our team's inability to secure the football and make plays when needed. This one just slipped through the Ti-Cats claws.

I couldn't make it down to the game today and it really hit home when they showed a graphic on TV that the Ti-Cats have not won a playoff game since 2001.

I really didn't think this team is quite a Grey Cup contender, and only hope that this loss will help the team grow in the future.

Going to be another long off-season.


2 words to decribe why we lost. Mike Gibson. He is the worst OC in the league and the reason we lost today. Despite the mistakes. Im sure this post will be deleted. Truth hurts

What loss is not disappointing!!

It may be deleted, but it won't be forgotten. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


It sucks to lose to a great team, but you get over it.. losses like this.. against Cleo freaking lemon...90 something yards passing in the first half... its just pathetic.. so sad to absolutely give this game away.

If a team plays its best and loses, you tip your hat to the opposition and go home knowing you lost to a better team. Today, the TiCats played far from their best, and lost to a team that just really is not that good.

Yes all loses are dissappointing, particularly playoff ones, but this one is just that much more dissappointing.


I'm heart broken :cry:

This team was disappointing all season long. They didn’t beat a good team all year except for the 1 game in Montreal who were missing a lot of their starters and had nothing to play for. The team was 9-10 and 8 of those losses came at the hands of the Argos, Bombers and Eskimoes… not a good season.

Somebody hired him. And, somebody hired that first somebody. This has been a season of underachievement by several players, and more than one coach, with little or no apparent action in response to it. Hopefully, the frustration that slipped out of The Caretaker, in a thread here a couple of weeks ago, will re-surface loud and clear in the weeks to come.

I congratulate Coach Barker and the Argonauts on their amazing achievements this season. That was their first road playoff win since 1961. I know, from comparisons to my favourite moments of a long lifetime of following the Tiger-Cats, that today will always be remembered by serious Argo fans as one of the best wins ever.

The Argos beat the Cats in only one of the 10 losses. The Cats lost (in order) to Winnipeg, Calgary, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Calgary, B.C. and Toronto.

My mistake I meant wins

Yeah, last year I went away feeling pretty good that we hosted a playoff game. This yeart I expected improvement and i think there was none.

This team was clearly not prepared to play this game, procedure calls,illegal substitutions aplenty that they got away with,missed field goal, dropped balls,fumbles and interceptions.
Together with a game plan that seemed to be play not to lose in the first half and then in the second they fell apart.
When it is just a couple of errors it’s the individuals, when it is rampant throughout the team it is coaching.
Coach Marcel has 2 play off losses on 2 tries now and maybe it is time for Greg Marshal who is more of a discipinarian to be given his deserved try at head coach of this team.
We have a good team here but they did not play up to their potential today.


I don't let this team affect me like that anymore. Been there, done that too many times with these guys. Sure it's disappointing but until they get some serious coaching talent in here I won't waste my energy.

Sittin' here trying to drown my sorrows
Not really looking towards tomorrow
No oski wee wee will be shouted
No more points will be counted
A gut wrenching loss to our arch rival
Tells me there is no chance of our playoff survival
Now the place is quiet and the crowd has departed
I sit here in tears broken hearted
Just when I can see no clear sky near
I take a breath crack a smile then yell WE'LL GET EM' NEXT YEAR!

YES Grover I agree ..man for man this team is much better than the argos
The argos haev a better RB than us and a better defensive backfield but we have them in all other categories except coaching ...

Barker over Marcel did us in

If the ARGOS ever get a QB they could be a force though

Disappointment and heartbeak?

Check out the emotion is these post game reactions form Glenn and Bruce. Wow!

http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/15627 http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/15635

Just got home from the game, and yes it was extremely disappointing, my heart was pounding on that last ticat drive, and I was screaming my lungs out on thats last argo drive. What does this team have to do to win a god damn playoff game and get better? Im sick of this damn losing!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops: If this team doesn't have a better record than 9-9 next year im DONE.

I spent my day driving from Edmonton to Winnipeg so I never got to see the game. However, I was kept abreast of this...fiasco by my daughters via text messaging.

To summarize....I'm done. I quit. I'm sorry but I can no longer support a team that thrives in futility. A team that while they have talent...they sorely lack the coaching and coordinating aptitude to formulate and execute a winning game plan. I've been a Ticat and CFL fan for over 30 some odd years and for the last 10, despite the futile record, I tried to maintain my support for the Cats. But after loss after loss after loss...the best that this team can accomplish after 10 years is a 9-9 record and the unbelievable ability to shoot itself in the foot by losing the most crucial games of all. There is no excuse for the embarrassment the Cats suffered against the Stampeders 2 weeks ago. They had absolutely no right to lose last week against the BC Lions....at home....their own turf...their own stadium...their own house. And then to do it again this week...against a team that has almost NO offensive ability at all.

Heads better roll...starting with MB and MG. I truly believe that the team has the talent...they lack the coaching and coordinators to win. We've been complaining about that for weeks...months....even further back then that. But still we are forced to endure the almost sloth like action in the organization to seek out and hire competent staff.

Alot of you may pounce on me for my rant...shouts of jumping off the bandwagon but you know what? I just don't care anymore. I can not invest any more of my time..energy...and emotion into a team that seems destined to wallow in futility.

With that said...I'm deleting this site from my bookmarks and will remove myself from the nightmare of the Hamilton Tigercats. I just can't take it anymore. I hate the feeling of so much disappointment....frustration....and embarrassment.


Good bye.