dissapointing bc lions fans

what kind of fans leave the game before the hard fought CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY is awarded to the home team? 51000 fans are there (although a few were sask fans) and in the 10 minutes between the end of the game and the ceremony, every one left.bearly 1000 people remained.so I figured everyone was down at the end zone closer to the action, but no.where were you all? lions fans?

Dude, you're talking about the Western Final? You know that was 2 weeks ago right? :? The Western Final is NOT the Championship Trophy. THAT was rightfully awarded the following week. What part of Regina are you from, and how's the fishing? Your trolling skills need some work. :roll:

I think maybe he was talking about the WF and I, too, was disappointed that most didn't bother sticking around. We were the last ones to leave and I thought the entire stadium should've stayed for an ovation during the presentation. The team deserved it.

Vancouver is an odd crowd ....I find we show up late and leave early. I'd like to see and hear the crowd for the player introductions and set the tone. As for the WF trophy...is this something new? I don't remember trophy presentations in previous divisional finals.

they did it in 04 as well

Buddy it isnt the grey cup...anyways they killed them y stay and see the paramedics commin 2 claim the bodies :smiley:

Yes, shawnbly was referring to the presentation of the West Division Championship trophy. Unlike other sports leagues, it seems like many CFL fans do not know that trophies are also awarded to the two division winners.

When the Vancouver Canucks won the Western Conference after game 5 in the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs, nobody left the Pacific Coliseum without watching the Campbell Bowl presented to Trevor Linden. But after the CFL WDF in 2004 and 2006, it was very disappointing indeed that at least 90% of the fans left the stadium without watching the West Division Championship trophy being presented to Wally Buono, who then handed it off to the first player, Mark Washington.



No, division championship trophies have been around sincd 1948, although they were recently redesigned in 2004. Prior to that, the trophy was called the Neil J. Piffles Taylor trophy while the former east division championship trophy was called the James S. Dixon Trophy or more casually, the Eastern Cup.



I guess its kind of like the Clarence Campbell trophy where its kind of discrete and small but then they let it all out for the grey cup