Dissapointing Attendance in T.O.

Only 25792 showed up for the Argo's playoff game. On TV it looked pretty sparse even in the lower bowl of Roger's. They have a Metropolitan population of 5.5 million and they can't get 35 or 40 thousand people into that place. It's not like Toronto has much to cheer about with all of their other sports franchises. Hell, they don't even have the Leafs to watch right now so what's the excuse for not supporting the Argos. Looks like the CFL's efforts of promoting Southern Ontario aren't working. If the Cats played instead of Edmonton there might have been a few thousand more but it would be Black and Gold fans making the trek from the Hammer. I hate to say it but it might actually be good for the CFL if Argos go deep into the playoffs. Winning might cure the woeful attendance.

Went to 2 sports bars in Toronto for lunch and beers. Neither had the game on. This included the Wheat Sheaf, Toronto's oldest pub.

All NFL today with the 100th Grey Cup 2 weeks away.

did you complain. did you demand they put cfl on. Did you give them your business anyhow?

if it had been me, they would have had to put cfl on, or throw me out of there. No cfl, no business from me.

That's sounds really brave. The reason is that there is probably 40 other guys in there eyeballing the NFL game. I don't think they would like it too much if the owner of the bar suddenly changes the channel to accommodate one CFL fan. It's still worth a shot though. The worst that would happen is you would leave thirsty.

I can't say it was disappointing. I was hoping they would at least maintain their season average and that was accomplished with on or two thousand more. I'm not complaining.

By the way, were these NFL types watching the games or were their eyes buried deep in their Proline picks.

The funny thing is that the people that are complaining about the attendance and criticizing about NFL games on the TV, didn't bother to go to the Rogers Centre to attend the game in person and support the CFL.....................

Am I missing something here??? Isn't it ironic that CFL fans that are the biggest critics of attendance in Toronto don't attend games, they go to bars within the vicinity of the Rogers Centre and then talk about the empty seats seen on TV or question why everyone in the bar prefers to watch the NFL...................lol

8) How right you are, "mikem" !!! So ironic, isn't it .

NFL fans are all about the point dpreads and betting, some proline, some private -but never the less ots the betting tha draws the attention to NFL.

in the next few years the CFL will be expanding and this will make it more appealing to the football gamblers.

To be expected in Toronto, gambling money more important that cultural sporting history of their own city for many there, but the CFL is doing it right by having the 100th where it began, in Toronto. I give the league a ton of credit, very classy. :thup:

It's going to be fun marching with the GC from Varsity to the RC having snickers along the way by people who don't "get it". :smiley:

Right in downtown Toronto! :smiley: I hope Phil Lind is marching beside me. 8)

It is disappointing a playoff game in Toronto can't get more than 25K bums in the seats, but such is a sign of the times.

Toronto is a strange sports market. For such an apparently mad hockey town they've lost three OHL teams recently and the Marlies don't draw flies. It's Maple Leafs or nothing.

The Blue Jays have been an entertaining and competitive team since their championships but they too suffer from apathetic attendance.

Now consider the empty seats in McMahon Stadium yesterday. You'd think a playoff game in football country would deserve a sell-out.

Spectator sports has changed and the effects are not yet fully realized. With many homes now featuring a 50" screen with High Definition broadcasting from multiple camera angles the in-home experience has never been better. Furthermore, in that environment comes comfortable seating, customized menus, cheap beer, no urinal lines, travel, and the cost of admission was included with the monthly cable bill. Plus, if the game turns into a snore the remote control can find something more interesting, sporting or otherwise.

Bob Young is a visionary so I doubt he's missed this trend. IWS2 will be smaller and more intimate. The TiCats marketing department is brainstorming ways to make each game more impressionable, more unique, in order to combat the in-home experience competition. A gate-driven league like the CFL is more vulnerable to new tv technology but the other advertisement-driven leagues are not immune.

Instead of massive crowds, spectator attendance may become more of a studio audience. In football, the NCAA should have an advantage over NFL in that they have already have more of an intimate connection with their fans: students, alumni, community. The CFL recognized the community aspect long ago and those close ties will be critical to long-term success. Whenever the NHL gets back to playing they may be surprised by how many people lost interest: millionaires bickering with billionaires about the middle-class fans' disposable entertainment dollar could be a tipping point.

The CFL is the best value in Canadian professional sports. After Ottawa's return the league can hopefully find a way to get a team in the Maritimes - then it can really promote the national aspect coast to coast. That uniqueness along with its history should keep it relevant and successful for years to come.

The CFLinvested $1 million in Ontario football this year: $500,000 each to TiCats and Argos for marketing campaigns.

I think the cross-over defeated those efforts anyway. The cross-over was instituted when the league was not balanced(4 East teams,5 West teams) as a sop to the West teams. When Ottawa folded, and Winnipeg moved to the East, the cross-over should have ended.

I agree that a nice warm home, cozy couch and endless snacks is more appealing than sitting on Ivor Wynne's hard planks on a cold, soggy day. I have major arthritis issues and I'm quite uncomfortable there and it's a major struggle sitting there for 3 hours. BUT I still have seasons tickets with my family and head down to the stadium for almost every game. You have to show support for the team, players and help the overall revenue stream for the league otherwise we could end up losing everything. Then we wouldn't even have the option to stay at home to watch the games if the teams can't remain financially viable. All CFL fans within a teams vicinity should do their due diligence and support their team and the league by attending games. Otherwise if a couple of more teams folded it wouldn't be much of a league.

Very well said and very true, if everyone was like you and had your attitude there would be no problems in the CFL !! And if everyone stayed home and watched it on TV there would be no CFL. I could stay home and watch it but i choose not to because i love the CFL and want it around forever !! :thup:

I agree and share your sentiments. I live over an hour's drive from IWS, suffer from arthritis too, and have more comfortable options than renewing my seats at IWS2. However, you and I are among the hard-core. To survive, the TiCats need to appeal to the casual fan; those who come out once a year, maybe buy a flex-pack, etc. This is why a new stadium next to a major highway (Confed Park, Aldershot) was needed for the TiCats instead of a IWS2.

This is why a new stadium next to a major highway (Confed Park, Aldershot) was needed for the TiCats instead of a IWS2.

Dead on Ockham and not just needed for the Cats but for the city of Hamilton. Naming rights alone over the years would have put money into West Harbour and Bernie Morelli's area more than IWS2 will ever do but the Ryan McGreal's and Fred Eisenberger's were unable to see this, throw in Chad Colliins as well. Small minded sort they are. They didn't "get" the whole picture because they aren't that smart. But it was their choice so they are going to get sort of what they wished for, something BY didn't really want, they can't stand BY. All they care about is BY didn't get his "highway" stadium, they could care less about their own city really as far as I see it.

But for us TiCat diehards, IWS2 works just fine thank you, most of us aren't into big city holistic thinking, I'm sure not. I'll be able to continue to park around Gage Park before games, have a picnic and stroll on over to the stadium. Doesn't get much better even though I know it's not what the city should have had. But their choice. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Way to go Fred, Ryan, Chad et al. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah it's Hamilton, they still don't have a hockey arena that can compete corporate wise with an OHL team in London. Yup, typical Hamilton, it all works eh fellas? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny that you guys make it seem like going to the actual games is a chore, and a necessary evil in order to support your team and the league. I've never understood when people say it's better on TV. Nothing beats going to a live game, no matter what camera angles there are.

Ivor Wynne stadium is a very antiquated structure with literally rows of 2 by 4s for seating. Most without even back support. It's not very comfortable or accommodating. Especially if you have health issues and chronic pain. You might not understand since BC Place has new comfortable seating and you don't have to sit watching a game in the freezing drizzle.

Especially now with mobile. You can even bring live feed with you. You can get live stats right on your handheld and combine the best of everything.

TO sports fans are a very strange breed. The vast majority are die-hard Leaf fans. They are a testament to the role that weekly tv broadcasts of their games can do to create fans. The Jays are nowhere in this town--you can't give their tix away. The Raptors appeal to NBA fans but there really don't seem to be alot of them here----enough to fill the arena though. The Bills threat never amounted to much. Soccer remains a niche sport.

The Argos seem to be finally building a younger fanbase. This is something I haven't seen in a long time but I do see a lot more younger fans in the stands. It will take time but this team looks to be on the rise--good young coach and staff and young vets at most of the key positions. A GC win would help immensely. Build it (a GC winner that is) and they will come.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes barney and thought this was a good article speaking in part about a younger fanbase as well:

[url=http://m.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/southern-ontario-investment-beginning-to-pay-off-for-cfl/article4804531/?service=mobile]http://m.theglobeandmail.com/sports/foo ... ice=mobile[/url]