dissapointed in auction item

I picked up my "team autographed" helmet today at the stadium. I am very happy to have this piece of tigercat history but a couple things i have noticed after closer examination. few names are missing ..... Kevin Eakin, Terry Vaughn, Jamie Boreham, Tim Cheatwood. On top of the names missing there are a few players that have signed it twice. Mike Moreale, Julian Radlin, devonte peterson....... one big issue is it is signed by number 28 Jesse Lumsden. He didn't even play in the labourday game and was not part of the team then. This shows me that it wasn't signed by anyone till yesterday and they did duplicates to fill space and make it look full. because they filled it up now I can't even try and have the above players named sign it my self. I am still a big fan and happy to have it but dissapointed at the lack of repesct the organizations has for the money i put out for this and not giving me a full "team autographed" helmet

The is total BS.... No way should Jesse be on that helmet, and how can it be a TEAM helmet...when its missing keys players. Wow, way to go ticats org....now you can dissapoint fans on and off the field :?

are you sure its Lumsden? if i do recall, i'm pretty sure we had a #28 playing for us on labour day

the only other 28 on the curent roster is inured anthony davis but it clearly says jesse lumsden.

wow, consider yourself lucky then... and autograph you can read! lol

jk, that is kinda crappy...

i apprecaite your comments and that you feel the same as I do, would love to here form some one in the organization about this. PM would be fine.

Very interesting... Ebay has rules about selling items that are not as described.

I would be disappointed too, isnt that why we buy legit items from the team itself? To avoid stuff like this?

If it was me, I'd be taking a slightly different approach to this problem.

First off, I'd be getting a copy of the description of the item I'd just bought... in case I needed to remind anyone of it. It's my legal back-up.

Then... I'd be contacting - in person or by phone - someone at the Ti-Cats organization and explaining the difference between what I got and what I was lead to expect. I'd also be understanding that mistakes happen - especially when a lot of players are moving around, practicing and as disorganized as it's obvious our players are.

Next, I'd be politely asking how they're going to fix this mistake for me, confident that that's exactly what they'd really like to do, since let's be honest - the Ti-Cats organization really is a class act at heart. I'd probably also throw in that a t-shirt signed by my favourite player would be a marvellous complensation for all my troubles. Who knows - you just might get it!

Good luck... being positive goes a long way for me, maybe it will for you too.

Remember... you've still got that legal back up IF you need it.

Excellent approach, Deedle.

Thanks, i am taking your advice

I also picked up my helmet very nice piece of history.

I to was disappointed with only 1/4 of the teams signatures on it

But the E Bay discription team signed does not say signed by the whole team, it is vague
it could mean 3 players or 30 players they are all members of the TEAM.

It is a little misleading but we have no recourse unless the organization would be good about it and take our helmets back to get the remainder of the team to sign them.

They did go for a pretty penny so the extra effort to help us out should'nt be that big of a deal.

Yes Jessy signed them the other day

On my helmet


and a couple of others

I really wanted Vaughn and Eakin

The organization is completely committed to fixing this issue. We have contacted some owners of the team signed helmet but ask any individuals who did purchase a team signed helmet to contact our office at 905.547.2287. We will make every effort to ensure the quality of this item is restored.

WOW!!! I'm very impressed by the organization's response to the fans' complaints.

An Argo fan

you are wrong about this, the ebay item says and i quote from the posting "These limited edition 2006 Hamilton Tiger-Cats helmets were unveiled in the annual Labour Day Classic at Ivor Wynne Stadium featuring the Hamilton Tiger-Cats versus the Toronto Argonauts. These helmets coincided with the Tiger-Cats "Never Wear White After Labour Day" promotion and includes a special one time only stylized logo. These helmets are autographed by the entire team." but i am please to say i was contacted by the team this morning. I am very pleased with the attention they have given me.

and not deleting the post either.

Although the teams perfomance on the field really $ucks, the up front guys/gals are doing a great job to try and make things right.

Reverend, I’m glad it’s all worked out. It’s just like I said, this organization has a good heart.

My football arrived today - the one Darling Husband got for me through the auction - signed by Corey Holmes. It looks like it’s his ONLY touchdown football for us this year :cry: This ball feels special.

thats a great item to have

Hey big fan get used to it you are just a number a bum in the seat a business :rockin: transaction! NO RESPECT for us fans anymore??? :thdn:

you obviously didn't read the rest of the thread...

i guess cats99 did not read the rest of the thread. i do have to say i am very impressed by the attention the ticats upper brass has given me on this including a personal phone call today from some one high up and a promise this will be rectified by monday. I was a dissapointed fan but never thought i was just a number. this team does care about it's fans. i thank the organization for there help and understanding or that they thought that i was understanding on this issue.