Dissapointed at row1, 50yrd line

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be given a ticket in row one directly behind the Riders' bench. What I expected to see was a team pumped to play... Boy was I wrong. very very little excitement or positive energy being displayed by the Players or Coaches. Players moping around or relaxing, many not even bothering to watch or cheer their fellow players on the field. Durant, rather than charging his team up, most of the time WALKED onto and off the field and kept quite quiet on the sideline while the Defense went to work, mind you, the players aren't charging up their QB either. No family attitude on this team that's for sure. Talent is well represented on this team but many of the problems are off of the field. Until that's fixed, no amount of signings or cutting is going to change things. Of course all of this blah blah blah is my own opinion.

When it comes to leadership, just because it is not obviously seen doesn't mean it isn't there. I always use the example of Jason Maas and Ricky Ray. Everybody loved Maas because he was the animated rah rah guy and it was easy to see his motivation and his leadership. However Ricky Ray is also a great leader but in a very different way. He is calm and cool under pressure, much like Anthony Calvillo, and noone would call AC unmotivated or a poor leader.

As far as Riders morale, I don't think that they're unmotivated. I think that they are playing pretty hard. I think that they have not had a great past 2 games (mostly due to a few dumb mistakes or penalties) and that needs to change, but for the most part this year they have gotten beaten by better/more talented opponents. I certainly don't see a lack of effort.

As I posted at half time on another thread

Maybe these guys need to get out to the bar or play some slo pitch or something to get people on the same page. Gotta find some chemistry somewhere... AAAHHH!!!

Kind of enjoyed seeing the coaches flip out on the boys last week!

Especially Kris Sweet. Man, was he pissed!


What a difference this game (vs BB's). The team did not resemble last weekends team. Great job Riders and thanks for a very entertaining game!