Disruptor Secured: Als extend Shawn Lemon

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes announced Thursday that defensive end Shawn Lemon has signed a one-year contract for next season.

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At 35, soon to be 36, there’s risk. Generally when you get to 33 you have to tread carefully. Ja’Gared Davis, at 33, looks to be done for example. Chick had 14 sacks @ 32, done a year later. Jerome Messam over 1,000 yds @ 32, done @ 33. There are tons of examples.

In the Als case, they don’t have a lot of starters to worry about but the 4 they do have to look at are in the trenches - two on OL, two on DL. I’d be very surprised if they re-up Sewell for another year. One of my favourite players but he turns 37 next month & they have Mustafa @ DT who is a stud so they can afford to keep a veteran like Lemon for another year. On the OL they may have to take a look at Matte who turns 39.

The Als are in an enviable position as it stands now with a mere 9 veterans (only 4 starters last year) 32 & over. Of those I suspect that Ellingson & Jake Harty are on the fence as far as retaining them. Ellingson, 34, missed only 3 games his 1st 4 seasons, but 31 the last 3.

So, I would call this a good signing.