Like some fans it seems all the media can do is use ex.games for the basis in which to blindly guess at how the season will unfold. I expect it from the mob but not the people who are supposed to be knowledgeable.

With few exceptions, its doom and gloom again. You'd think if you didnt follow the off season the team did absolutely nothing in that time to make improvements.

Calgary had to manufacture the idea they were disrespected to get the blood boiling leading into the Grey Cup last year and it worked.

In this case ,IMO, the disrespect is real and here's hoping the right people are taking note and remembering.

[quote="Zontar"]Like some fans it seems all the media can do is use ex.games for the basis in which to blindly guess at how the season will unfold. I expect it from the mob but not the people who are supposed to be knowledgeable.[quote]

I can agree that the exhibition season is overblown but the way you practice is how you play. I hope that the guys who made the blunders in the preseason are gone from the roster.

We saw a lot of penalties in the black and gold game and it turned into penalties in the preseason. It's all about discipline. This happened with Taffe and now it's going on with MB. I keep hearing that it's the players but it seems every year we get a huge turnover but it's the same thing, a lot of penalties. I don't know what the problem is.

It is the preseason for sure but if we are getting beat with vanilla plays, what will happen with a little sugar and spice?

Maybe the Cats will be good this year. I honestly hope that they are. I want them to succeed so bad it's not funny. I got my season tickets just before they acquired Maas and have been very disappointed in the last 3 seasons. I want a winning season just as bad as everyone else. I am concerned though that this might not be the year.

To me, disrespect is when I take a personal shot at anyone on this forum or a member of the team or coaching staff or front office. Many people on here do this. I for one do not.

Disrespect is not me or anyone else stating their opinion on the team. This is what the forums are for, for stating our opinions. If this is the case, then everyone is being disrespectful when we are upset or frustrated with this team.

well put Tiger-Dirt

Anyone who uses ex games to predict a season (one way or another) is an idiot. Proof is on the field. Could go either way for all 8 teams.

Are you ready for this...I agree with zontar! :lol:

Well Said! :thup:

Sometimes you have to earn respect.

Sure, and I would agree with the doom and gloomers if they did nothing in the off season.
But this mindset of they were bad this year, looked shakey in the pre-season therefore they must be bad again this year is where the lack of respect lay.

And if its supposedly based on evidence what exactly has WPG and TOR done better that puts HAM in the basement again? And please don't tell me it was because they won a pre season game.

All I know is The Bombers and Argos were GUTTED like pieces of Sushi during the off season. If they both finish ahead of the Ticats, what will that say about Mitchell, Obilovich and Bellefeuille ?

A lot riding on this season for the Ticats and for those 3 gentlemen. IMO the Ticats can't get a more favourable situation than what happened this off season.

I have no idea , zero how this season will play out. I guess these guys have to write something so they take the easy way out.

The blew team and the bummers may have been gutted, yet they both have a strong core of veteran, long-term players to build upon. We don't. Hopefully we will for the future.

Until the team proves it can win consistantly the media is never going to pull them out of the basement, as much as I love the Cats if it were my job to make perdictions I believe I'd do the same thing.

Signing new players does not translate into improvement, its all about performance on the field and until they show that they are not a bunch High School players, with all their lousy penalities and what not, I am afraid no one in the media or otherwise will take the Tabbies very seriously.

Well, to the contrary, several prognosticators have predicted that the Cats will do very well this year:


Isn't it possible to say that you think Team A is better than Team B, or will win more games this season, without the statement amounting to "disrespect" of Team B?

You'll have to forgive me, as I happen to think that "disrespect" and "adversity" are two words that are very overused by today's professional athletes.

disrespect? don't you get respect and make people favour you by winning the games? unfortunately, you need to blow a couple good teams out before anyone notices you, try winning on the road before people respect you.the tiger-cats have done absolutely nothing to make anyone pick them to win anything. until they string some wins together and resemble a team that is competing in all three areas, they're going to keep getting disrespected. sorry, it's the way it is...winning cures all and they haven't done anything like that, consistently in exactly 10 years.
how is a tiger-cat fan gonna come on here and talk about how it's wrong to be disrespected?
win some games and force them to respect you.


What do you expect? The Ticats won 3 games last year. They picked up a few players but so did everyone else in the league. They also lost a few players, too!

Do you really expect the media to praise the 'Cats and predict that they win it all??? C'mon...

I think Winnipeg is going to be awful... so I predict that the 'Cats won't finish last but hoping that they have a shot for finish #2 in the East. Time will tell.

The only other thing that I can predict...


The people in the media are guessing at this point. A more educated guess than, for example, mine, but still just a guess. And in the absence of knowledge, what's easier than predicting that the doormats from last year still won;t be great and the great teams from last year won't be doormats.

As much as these guys know, they really don't know much. Even if they've read scouting reports on the new guys, or watched some film, or watched them practice (and most of these out of town guys haven't even done that), that still doesn't tell them very much at all.

So who really cares what they think - the truth will play out on the field and they media guys will keep collecting thier paycheques, right or wrong.

I really don't think its a sign of disrespect to predict another tough year for the Tabbies. I believe that its realistic to believe that things aren't all rosey at IWS and that the preseason showed some disturbing characteristics of this team that need to be fixed before the Cats can be considered a good team.
I would point out that penalties are not a product of naything but a severe lack of discipline and that sad reality causes me much concern for our season. The fact that our defensive backs have struggled too is a concern. In fact I predicted outr defense would be leading the way in the early season but after witnessing the 2 X games I am very concerned. Very very concerned. The offense will struggle and I've always been good with that since we are starting with a brand new Oline yet again and look to be developing a young QB. Essentially I look for a very slow start unless I'm totally wrong about the poor pass coverage and the complete lack of discipline costing the team points that the offense cannot get back. Lack of respect by me, fine, I prefer to call it experience. I've experienced this too many time in the past 5 years to be optimistic when I'm seeing many of the same traits that have led us to misery the past 5 seasons