Who would pick first? Who would pick last?

Who would be the top ten guy's to look at on the gades?

Who needs a top QB?

Who needs a solid young DB?

Let's start talking about it, cause nobody will be stupid enough to buy the gades this season. It's sad but they just don't care about their football in the nations capital..

Have fun:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=5178&start=0]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... 78&start=0[/url]
  1. Ham 2. Edm
  2. Jo, etc.
    4.WPG or SSK (which ever one gets Jopesh, the other will get Kahari Jones)
  3. WPG

No one wants Kahari jones, if they did he'd be on a team.

I'm telling you guys, he is stil a good QB!

You can think whatever you want to think. Bottom line is he is not on a CFL team.

Sorry to hurt your feelings Third, I didn't want to use the same topic as you.
I just don't read your threads so I didn't notice your post. I was just curious because I didn't know what order the teams would pick if the dispersal draft did take place. :twisted:

well, he bloody well should be on a CFL team and not on the FA list or a negosiations list.

the dude has the capabilities to be a good QB, he can take a hit and get right by up, he can run if he needs to, etc.

but I was off by four when that Radio station in Winnipeg had that contest to see would could correctly guess the number of molecules on KJ's butt.

Well Kanga
I would say that 9 head coaches and 9 general managers do not agree with you

......exactly, if he had all these skills and charms you speak of doncha think he'd be signed by now?......

I will go so far as to say if Jones gets picked up by the Riders, which is hopefully not going to happen, I'll take Red up on that most generous offer he's been making me of sending red and white clothing with a horse logo.....go Stamps.....

I've been watching old games of 2004, and I think he still got the goods, heck the Riders can take him if the Bombers get Jopesh, and visa vesa.

note: since KJ left, Bombers haven't made the playoffs.

Both teams could have taken him last year but didnt. That has to tell you something

.......you are hoping that the Bombers pick up Hrundi Jopesh?........

Kerry Jopesh

.......oh yes, Hrundi's brother........wouldn't you think the Bombers would rather have Kerry Joseph the QB instead?.......

.....and what's this about your visa?

Well no wonder the bombers cant win it they take
Kerry Jopesh instead of Kerry Joseph

:lol: god my spelling is so bad! JC! :lol:


"Ladies and Gentalmen before we board fight 9115, I just want to do a few ramdom bag checks, these are totally ramdom, I'm just gonna read off a few names...

  1. Hassen Ben Seen
  2. Ikame in lat
  3. Haven ben lokat
  4. Mycas abi rusti
  5. Kerry Jopesh
  6. Jutie Smith
  7. Cuthis am inhaf
  8. Sonhe hava scar"
  1. Duava Takapees
  2. Mabowal Sarful
  3. Yurshortz Arbagi