Dispersal draft strategy

It occurred to me that the Ticats, if they can lock up Holmes and now that they have Lumsden, may leave Ranek on the injured list for the remainder of the season and then leave him unprotected for the Ottawa dispersal draft.

I wonder what other moves they might have planned for the draft?

That raises a question about the draft - would it happen before or after the free agent bonanza begins. In other words, would the draft happen before Feb. 15th, the free agency deadline, so that they could leave unprotected guys they know they won't be able to sign?

Anybody else we should plan to leave unprotected?


Anyone that plans on retiring, like Hitch or Morreale.

If they plan on retiring, leave them unprotected and after they are chosen they can retire.

It's pretty morbid but Ottawa's drafting strategy in the past hasn't always been the best. Montreal's either. A retiree would be an improvement.

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I hope there is such a draft, it can only mean there is a franchise back in Ottawa. There's a lot of work to do between now and next year to get that in place, I sure hope it happens.

how do you know these 2 guys are thinking that way?

Did u see the word IF in the post?

It was just a logical example.

those are two guys that would be ideal to leave un-protected as they'd probably retire rather than leave hamilton (and would probably say as much before the dispersal draft)

it happened last time Ottawa came back, with a BC player, forget who it was though.

It's simple, leave Peterson, Ralph and Maas unprotected, even if Hitch and Mike are retiring.

Logical move in a tough situation. However, last time this draft happened, the Cats left Carl Coulter unprotected, as he was close to retirement, and Ottawa grabbed him. Without his veteran leadership, our O-line struggled.

Deciding who to protect will be easier once Ottawa announces a GM, head coach. and co-ordinators. If John Jenkins is the OC, there's no need to protect your running backs!

Jenkins does use running backs, if Holmes or Jesse are left unprotected they'll obviously snatch them. Also I doubt they'll fall for the old, 'take our 37 year old backups off our hands' trick. They're building from scratch, they'll want young players with a lot of potential.

any1 know whos all going to be free agents next year on the cats list???

Yes, but WE decide who to leave unprotected. By the time you include those 2, a couple players that we can stand to lose and perhaps Jamie Boreham...lol... they wont have much to choose from... ALSO if they choose someone we are allowed to go back and protect more.

That is a good plan then.

How many players do we have to leave unprotected?

i cant remember the numbers, but in the past onced they pick someone you can pull back 2 or 3 more (something like that).

Also being in last place and in line for a 2 win season doesnt exactly mean they will look to raid our team.

Im worried about Ottawa in free agency... i remember Tom Wright saying the Ottawa owners would fight to make them competitive from the start.

Here's my recollection of the last "expansion" draft. Didn't Lancaster decide to protect Gerald Vaughn, just to show him that he was loved, even though Vaughn was becoming a free agent that year anyway? And then, after the free agency date, Vaughn went ahead and signed with Ottawa. We could have protected someone else, like Coulter or Seth Dittman.

That's an example of a strategy we shouldn't use.

I think you're right, that story sounds very familiar. I agree, bad strategy. :roll:

My friends in Ottawa tell me that the Ottawa newspapers say no return for Ottawa is planned by the league until 2008, so we are likely to have another year to evaluate talent, and make these decisions.