Dispersal draft results

We still have 2 out of the 5 all-stars from last year, including the lineman of the year from the past 2 years and Montreal has the other 3 so I think our O-line is still pretty good.

obviously this all came down to money. I no we picked up 700,000 but that is towards trips and debts. This is probably why we didn't get banks out of this.

Anymore? Id be willing to make a pretty strong argument that they didnt have the best oline before this draft either

It was either us or Montreal. We gave up the least amount of sacks and had the most rushing yards.

it certainly wasn't edm or bc.

Yes Hal..T3, it's about the money, we needed Banks, settled on a Lineman..
The game is won n lost on the line, he gives us options..but he's no DB...
Banks would of been a great addition to the 06 Bombers. .
Unless Tamon has Juran Bolden.. up his sleeve, I think we lost out today..

...the Bombers can use the money for future considerations....debt included...and should have a little extra to offer KHAN so that he sticks around WPG. for awhile....he is a free agfent next year :idea:

..I dunno hank....Corey Banks carried a pretty good price tag...and I think the guys in the know....Harris and Marshal probably advised against taking him and preferred Khan...We now have an extra Import to use in other areas....and that is a big plus.....as good as Banks is ....we still made the right move..I.m going to look forward to the truck size holes Khan is gonna leave in the oppositions D line for Charley to run through...can't wait... :lol:

i still find the st germain pick up odd. he is not young anymore. he must have come cheap. or i would have thought we would have been better off with someone else. now the fun will be to see what players are about to get released from their teams to make room for these new guys.

Agree paps..his price was high,less of a learning curve, with Banks helping out.
It's not that I don't see the merits of Khan, the Bombers have a tough time spending cash on proven DB's
How many years must we learn, don't scrimp on DB's..
Hope Marshall n company can refine ours...

yeah i definately agree, tamans a flipping idiot alright. red2005 was actually right all along. we need a new bloody GM. were in the basement again folks. hamilton now has corey holms and the riders have armstead and joseph. were screwd. im having a very bad day and now i come home to this, lol im right pissed off. and why the hell are we taking Dlineman anywase. like really. we already have a good D-line, why not banks. why not armstead, then get st. germain in the second round. man, i hope these coaches can pull something outa their asses cuz for crying out loud, everyone else grabs amazing weapons and we grab two friggin lineman. this is pretty stupid if u ask me.

not to mention u have a great oline, and an awsome D.

...i think you'll change your tune James when you see the possible places we can put in another talented import...I will have to go with Marshal and Harris's assessment of available players...They picked Khan because they arrived at the conclusion ..he is the most talented at a position we are sorely lacking in....I think Goodspeed is toast...and Fuegil is on the ropes....it will work out for us in the end.. :wink:

Well.. We just gave up our franchise player... Corey Holmes is one of the best all around players in the league.. And we gave him up.. Crandell could've done an adaquate job with Armstead and Dominguez AND Holmes.. But instead we trade the special teams player of the year away...

Unbelievable.. Worst trade ever.

It's going to be a interesting season to watch when the Gades Infusioned Teams are playign each other.

I agree. You bolstered your offence line which will give Glenn more time to throw and Roberts even more room to run (like he needs it) and the biggest thing is you can now play more imports in your secondary where you really need it.

no its really not the worst trade ever if u think about it. i can clearly see why your upset though. holmes was like THE player of saskatchewan last year. but look at it this way. now u have a good QB. kenton kieth to run the ball, dominguez and Armstead. armstead picks up for his return, and adds to ur recieving corp, which is looking awsome with cominguez and armstead. u have kerry joseph for rushing yards also. and Joseph is also familiar with ur coordnater and scheme. ur offensive lines pretty fricken good, and ur defence was one of the top in the league last year. u guys are lookin good and i think shivers really pulled through for u. but again, i understand why ur upset.

Bigest surprise were the Bombers picking 2 O-Linemen....I didn't think their O-line was that bad.

I'm happy about getting Banks for the defense, but puzzled that Wally didn't make a deal for onr of those available Linemen.

Saskatchewan did well with Joseph and Armstead. It will be a very close race in the West now, with injuries dictating the out come.

Thanks James for the credit yes Taman is an idiot! But remember these players that are being picked are from the last place team. How much of an upgrade do these guys give you over what you have? I mean KJ was running for his life in Ottawa does that say something about their o line. Really a lot of these players will probably be tC cuts in the long run unless they can beat someone out. Remember to the price tag on some of these guys as well. It may strengthen some teams that holes were to be filled but other then that there was nothing to get excited about.

right on papa.........marshall and harris were very familiar with what Ottawa had........the bombers will be able to start 5 good NI oline, the cost was peanuts.........we can now load up on imports at the positions we really need to fill and afford it too boot..........people forget about the ratio and how it can hold you back.......this is just the first step, now they can fill the gaps........