Dispersal draft results

How do you think your team fared?

I knew we were going to get Joseph and Armstead so I'm pleased. Don't know why the Riders took a fullback when they rarely even use Szarka unless they are changing their offensive scheme this year. Ruiz seems to be very injury pprone so hopefully he's ready to go this year.

Yo Murphy didn't even go at all which was a bit of a shocker.



1 SSK (from HAM) Kerry Joseph QB
2 WPG Ibrahim Khan OL
3 SSK Jason Armstead WR
4 CGY Cam Yeow LB
5 WPG (from TOR) Val St. Germain OL
6 BCL Korey Banks DB
7 MTL Kai Ellis DB
8 EDM Anthony Collier DB


1 HAM Pat Fleming P
2 TOR (from WPG) Marc Pilon DL
3 SSK Cory Hathaway FB
4 CGY Markus Howell WR
5 WPG (from TOR) Brad Banks QB
6 BCL Matt Kirk DL
7 MTL Greg Moss DB
8 EDM Sean Suisham K


1 HAM Gilles Lezi FB
2 WPG Hakeem Kashama DL
3 SSK Charles Howard DT
4 CGY Crance Clemons DB
5 TOR David Azzi WR
6 BCL Sean Weston DB
7 MTL D'wayne Taylor DB
8 EDM L.P. Ladouceur DT


1 HAM Greg Bearman DB
2 WPG Cameron Legault DL
3 SSK Donald Ruiz DB
4 CGY Jason Thomas QB
5 TOR Sean Poole OL
6 BCL Sandro Sciortino K
7 MTL Brandon Evans OL
8 EDM Pat Woodcock WR


1 HAM Steve Smith DB
2 WPG Lenard Semajuste FB
3 SSK Pass -
4 CGY Greg Cole LB
5 TOR Sean Bennett RB
6 BCL Anthony Jones WR
7 MTL Dwayne Levels LB
8 EDM Israel Idonije DE


1 HAM Pass -
2 WPG Henri Childs RB
3 SSK Trevor Kine OT
4 CGY Canary Knight DT
5 TOR Sean Riley WR
6 BCL Pass -
7 MTL Kenny Smith DL
8 EDM Pass -


1 HAM Pass -
2 WPG Robert Grant DB
3 SSK Allen Burrell WR
4 CGY Jamaal Perry WR
5 TOR Roderick Warren WR
6 BCL Pass
7 MTL David Ashkinaz OL
8 EDM Pass


1 HAM Pass -
2 WPG Pass -
3 SSK Pass -
4 CGY Pass -
5 TOR Pass -
6 BCL Pass -
7 MTL Jeremy Pearl DB
8 EDM Pass


1 HAM Pass -
2 WPG Pass -
3 SSK Pass -
4 CGY Pass -
5 TOR Pass -
6 BCL Pass -
7 MTL Chris Duncan WR
8 EDM Pass -

I like the picks. The Riders still have Kenton Keith, so they can only get better. As for Hathaway, he is a good player, they may have brought him in just for training camp to challenge Szarka for the spot.

I'm absolutely floored by Murphy not getting picked, and I'm right with you on the fullback thing.....hopefully it's a sign of a finally changing offense.....I'm pleased, overall, with how the Riders selected.

I like how Shivers was the first to Pass. How cocky is that. and then he goes and picks more people. Sometimes I don't understand him. And I agree Roughy, not sure what adding Hathaway is all about.

MTL is really going to town hey ? Are they that desperate for practice roster players ?

now here u may either agree or disagree, it doesnt matter to me but i feel Brendan Taman is a flipping idiot!!!!!we have the second pick with armstead available and we take Kahn? okok so we need more canadians, plus he will will come cheap so i calmed myself down knowing we aquired the 5th pick. So i think to myself sweet korey banks is still up for grabs this will help us but who do the pick, st germain another freaking offensive lineman!!!??!! we gave up the 3rd fewest sacks in the league last year our o line is fine! our secondary was the worst in bomber history absolutely brutal, and there is one of the best db's in the league right there for us to grab and instantly improve our D but noo another freaking o lineman my god taman is retarded or something... sorry ppl but i needed to vent

Another suprise I saw was Winnipeg picking 2 O-linemen as their 1st 2 picks. I think they needed DB's a lot more then they needed linemen. But I often times don't understand Taman.

I like the picks too. Nothing earthshaking. But I wonder why it took 4 rounds before Pat Woodcock was taken. Money? Has he lost it already?

......not too sure about my team's picks, guess when you already have your squad together it's tough to add things when you don't really know if you need to.......looks like Spencer will be fighting for White's position with Yeow until George returns.......beyond that the stamps picks are weird, not sure what to make of it yet......

......the Riders gained some more threat points........BC and Edmonton improved slightly........the west got a little tighter.......puzzled by Taman's picks, didn't think the BB-Oline was that bad last year.....

im not happy with tamans decisions were good with the O lineman we need is DB's i would have taken banks now bc has a replacement for barrin simpson now wer realy going down hill

hopefully weill trade brad banks for banks

Not that I want to dredge up old issues, but Saskatchewan sure gave up alot for the obligation to pay Kerry Joseph more than were willing to pay Henry Burris.

Actually Barry Taman made the best choice with Khan.

I too was surprised that Woodcock wasn't taken until pick #32. I think Yo Murphy wasn't picked because he probably wouldn't have played for another team. He has been considering retirement for the last couple seasons and he probably took his team folding as a sign from above that this was the right time. All in all I happy with the Rider's picks. Mostly Joseph and Armstead. The season will be a little more interesting now me thinks

Go Riders!!

Too hell with Burris. I never liked the guy in the first place. I'm more than happy to have Joseph.

While I'll miss Corey Holmes, the future looks bright. Kerry Joseph and Jason Armstead should give us a huge boost. Lets look this way. . .

Joseph behind center, Armstead and Dominguez catching balls, Kenton Keith running, and arguably to the best O line in the league. Our offense is looking good! As well as Armstead returning on kick-offs. . . I'm actually looking forward to it!

Im pleased with the way the als did. We needed help on defence and thats what we went after

Brendan Taman


I guess the bombers were in dire need of O-line.

well after this despersal draft, i dont think you guys have the best o-line anymore.

they were good pick ups in the draft. If they need speciality players, they will trade for them in the future. Good move by the bombers.