Dispersal Draft Question

I'm not sure if anyone here has the ruling, or if someone from the league can chirp in on this one.

As we all know Zach Collaros and Henry Burris are coming to the end of their contracts this season. Now from my understanding, they immediately become restricted free agents as a result. Does this mean they aren't eligible in the draft because they aren't signed with the team, or it a case that they are eligible and they can be picked but then must go into contract negotiations. That or are they just treated as normal free agents until they are signed?

As far as I understand; whom ever is not protected by any one team in any case; Ottawa has option to select any player. Not sure on this though: There could be a time frame to resign a said player if his current team wishes to do so?

As far as I know, there are no restrictions on free agency in the CFL CBA. All FAs are unrestricted.

Usually the CFL contracts expire on Feb 15th, but there is some talk that the deadline may be moved up to December this year. I have no idea how serious that thought is or if it's just a rumor someone started. So a lot would depend if the expansion draft is before or after the free agency deadline. That's for sure.

I'm actually not up to speed on the date of the expansion draft either.

So if they move the free agency up to Dec and it takes place before the draft they would still have to protect the signed player.
For instance if Hamilton signed Burris to a new 2 year contract they would have to protect him or Ottawa could take him.
The other option is that free agents are exempt from the expansion draft and Ottawa would be free to negotiate just like all the other teams.

Free agency rules have not/will not change; potential free agents will become free agents on February 15 or 16,2014. Ottawa may select potential free agents,but it does not mean that these potential free agents will sign with them. For instance, assuming that Burris is playing his option,not protected by Hamilton and Ottawa selects him, Burris may decide not to sign with Ottawa and may wait till February 2014 to see if other teams are interested in him.

Should Ottawa select potential free agents, they may not be able to sign them. They will most probably signed players unprotected by their team and that are signed for 2014 or beyond.


Then I'm sure Ottawa will not select any potential free agents and the other teams will not protect their free agents.
Ottawa will probably go after Willy. Mitchel or Collaras and then wait for the Feb free agency to go after Glenn.

I think it depends on the player heading for FA. The management in Ottawa may be willing to put up more dollars for a vet with still a few years left in the tank or take a risk. They could always use that players rights to try negotiate a trade before FA opens up as well with another team that might like that player. As for Burris specifically, with him heading to FA in February it's almost a given they protect Lefevre. It'll be interesting to see how Austin manages both of them during the season though. If over the course of the year they start liking Lefevre and want to build around him and give him more playing time over the course of the season, Burris may find himself in another situation like in Calgary when they elevated Tate over him late in the season. In that happens then Hamilton may not want Burris back next season. Still a lot of things to play out over the course of this season.