Disounted tickets

I think for the remainder of the season the Ti-Cats should offer tickets at a discount.If the team is already playing for jobs for next year why should we pay full price to watch Training Camp games...

We have coaches who probably wont be here next year,along with what I say is half the players wont be here either....

I believe all tickets for next year should be sold at the same price as this year.As we never got our moneys worth this year..

I understand when you buy a ticket for a sporting event there is no guarantee,but I mean come on this team has been in turmoil since week 1....

Im just trying to come up with away to keep 28,000 fans in the stands for years to come..I would hate to go back to the days of 15,000 fans...
From the mumblings I've heard at the games and on this site there are alot of unhapppy people who wont be back.

Trouble about discounting tickets is that you cheapen the product (no jokes please) and you tick off the people who paid full price.

I would be surprised if ticket prices actually rose next year.

And, as much as I respect Bob Young and think he is a business genius, any fool would tell you that there is likely to be at least a modest drop in ticket numbers.

No need to discount prices this year, most of them are pre-sold anyway.

I would suggest that since we've been stuck in neutral (or reverse) for the past year, they should extend the deal on the "traditions club" by a year.

Do not even think of discounting the tickets, as mentioned, this will cheapen the whole organization.

Buy season tickets then. They are at a discounted rate from individual game prices...lol.