DISGUSTING!! Where's the fire??

I cannot believe that Ike Charlton can smoke Printers on the sideline and all of our players stand around with their collective fingers stuck up

If you don't have your quarterback's back, then you don't deserve to be on this team. I don't give a rat's ass if Printers was just about out, or if you don't really like a fellow player, it's all about being a TEAM!

This is why we are the most inept team in this league... clearly our players don't give a .

You had better be hanging your heads low when you get your pay boys, you embarrassed yourselves on national TV and made your fans look like idiots for supporting you and your lack of balls.

No wonder hard nose players won't come here... look at the "support" your team mates get.

Disgusting. :thdn:

Already discussed here.


Your absolutely right. Sure they don't have a lot of respect for the guy. I would have liked to have seen what would have happened if Porter or Williams got decked by that yo - yo. I could almost guarentee there would have been a dust - up something to that effect. I believe Casey has burned his bridges and closed many a door. He appears to talk about well - however i feel the team won't play for the Mighty Casey who by the way struck out big time in the Hammer.

I open for comments as usual.

Regardless of what any of the other Ticats think about Casey....they should have stood up for him and come to his defense.