Disgusting NFL Raiders Logo on BC-Ottawa game


But TSN and CTV do not produce the NFL broadcasts.
They simulcast the production from the U.S. networks.

i didnt say that bell ‘produced’
just showed
strange that bell chooses to charge viewers for tsn to see any cfl games - ‘c’ in cfl stands for canaDIAN
show nfl games on ctv and ctv2 that can be received WITHOUT any subcription

yeah i’m gonna believe a corp … lol
next thing u’ll tell me is that rojers really cares about jays fans … lol


Now that’s a “partner? who’s pulling out all the stops to increase game day presentation.

Guess we should all be thankful that one of their anchors did t say that they can’t wait fir football season to begin in September again

Ya it’s not like another bidder would have forced TSN to up their game or anything.

I’m sure the old strategy of just blindly trusting will work out just as well ::slight_smile:

To have Raiders logo and Rams come up multiple times is just not acceptable.

There should be a phone call at least from the Cfl to Tsn.

who is there that would actually try to outbid TSN?

Anyone. But we’ll never know now.

no one.

Will sportsnet. nope

CBC, forget about it. They couldn’t if they wanted to.

Global. Not more likely than CBC, if as much.

Who else is there in Canada.

maybe this is a job for [cue superhero music] rod black ?
[tongue firmly in cheek]

So, why did you quote me if not to make some point about what I said?

If the reverse had happened, no one in the NFL would even recognize a CFL logo.

Surprised that the NFL, Raiders, Rams would allow their logos to be used; so TSN may have other problems.

…maybe ESPN is really producing the CFL telecasts; with TSN crew???

…and yes, anmoying as heck, when Canadian broadcasters say, football to start in Sept.

…last pet peeve, can’t stand people wearing NFL, NHL or MLB, MLS gear to a CFL game.
I have never seen the reverse.

While I wear my Cats hat many places beyond THF, if someone wants to come to a Cats home game, they can wear whatever they want…

“Can’t stand”…is extremely harsh for fellow paying fans of the CFL (or even those just looking to have a night out…which is becoming a huge part of our fanbase)

Exactly. Rocked my TiCat hat with pride last month in Florida.

I actually wore my Argo jacket to my first (and last) NFL game in Buffalo in 1988. Had a few fans approach me about it…in a friendly way. Never seen so many drunk people in my life.

do u understand the word ‘misquote’ ?

now i at risk of being banned, again


Were I still a strapping young CFL fan, I’d pull those fat cats out of their comfortable chairs and explain to them in no uncertain terms that I find it more than a tad offensive for Canadians to conflate football with the NFL.


While I would never wear competing sports league gear to CFL games myself, I have much more of a problem with those Canadians who wear American sports league gear and are never in the stands at CFL games. Next time I’m at an AHL or OHL game though, I’ll be sure to wear some CFL paraphernalia.



For sure - somebody in Toronto and their manager should lose their jobs over this lest it can be shown to be some sort of trolling by the employee in charge.

Or perhaps they were hacked?

I wouldn’t doubt the NFL noticed and is addressing concerns with unauthorized use of trademarks.

The NFL is extremely strict with also all broadcasters in this regard.

I don’t doubt that the situation is being addressed behind the scenes.

You have to pay the NFL for any play.

i recall a cfl telecast by cbc of a game in edmonton ; the crawl read; “live from edmonchuk”

done by a cbc employee
a slur against those of ukrainian heritage