Disgusting NFL Raiders Logo on BC-Ottawa game

Just saw it, couldn’t believe my eyes, so I stopped the game, played it back and sure enough.
The BC Lions on the 44 yard line of Ottawa in the 2nd quarter with a 1st and 10 logo for the NFL Raiders.
How can that happen.

You must have missed the LA Rams logo???

Good eye ArgoT. Curious to hear an explanation.


Maybe TSN had some graphics left over from the Raiders preseason game. You know, just being frugal.

This is not a laughing matter.
More reason for the league to look elsewhere for a new TV contract, if it’s not too late as some reports have suggested how an extension has been signed?

Good job of finding it TP.
The league should demand an answer and then obtain a written apology to include us CFL fans.

Strange as I always wondered why we don’t have that graphic for the CFL on TSN .

Good answer from another poster is it costs money to use that graphic as it’s trademarked .

But then I saw it used by Sportsnet for a U sports game and I became confused again .

Here’s the Rams logo. Maybe somebody quitting soon in the graphics department amusing themselves?


TP, at what point of the game?
Can you imagine if a CFL team logo was on a boring NFL telecast.

Never assume malevolence when stupidity/incompetence is sufficient explanation.


That was on the final play of the first quarter ArgoT.

You can express your disappointment via Twitter.

Actually just been fast forwarding through the first 5-6 minutes of the second quarter and those Rams or Raiders logos are there almost every play but often largely hidden by the ads on the field.

That’s even a greater cause for concern.

Example here the Rams logo partially blocked by the ad on the field. Almost every play from scrimmage - at least through much of the 2nd quarter that I saw - had the Rams or Raiders logo on the down and yardage graphic.


Good thing the league extended the TV deal with TSN. Great partner. ::slight_smile:

No worries dg though, this’ll never happen at a CFL game in London, ON.

i have heard on more than a few occasions that TSN really doesnt care about the CFL

What I don’t understand is how TSN got those markers in the first place.
TSN doesn’t produce any NFL broadcasts.

Are they testing out the technology to use in the future for CFL broadcasts perhaps? (With the proper CFL team logos of course.)
They might have borrowed it from part owner ESPN.

I’m just guessing though.

isnt bell an owner of tsn and isnt bell owner of ctv which shows nfl games ?