Disgusting Eskimo fan Display

Sorry to hear about your experience Tumblersman -

I remember the Banjo bowl a couple years ago my sister in law and a friend came from Regina for the game, and they were viciously taunted all night long. I was extremely embarrased, as we have travelled a number of times to Sask for the Labour Day Classic and had always had a great time with the Roughie fans.


Really you shouldn’t be complaining on here. If you wanted to complain last night was the time. You know his seat,row and section number, just get up and tell security he brought his own booze and is being as ass. Most stadiums will boot you for bringing your own booze long before they will boot you for being an ass. The stadium loses money on smuggled booze.

See, I don’t see Tumblersman as whining and complaining about someone’s behaviour. I read his initial post as a social commentary - basically stating that this yahoo was behaving as a poor role model to his children by breaking the rules, behaving like an ass, and not taking responsibility for his actions. In the overall analysis, I think the fact that he brought his own booze is secondary to the main point (as I took it) that this guy is not teaching his kids to be responsible citizens.

You never read a single thing properly in this whole thread did you?? Idiot.

Firstly, I never mentioned anything about him being the only guy in the world bringing in booze to the stadium. The whole reason you buy booze at the stadium is to support the team and maybe give them some income. Any any self respecting non-redneck with a job should be able to buy some at the stadium. I think once you turn 19 your supposed to stop sneaking bottles in your gotch dont you? IDIOT.

Secondly, I never “ASSUMED” anything, I actually saw this. Do you think I just had spare time to make up this elaborate story?? The Guy actually was filling up cups from no less than 7 people around him including 4 which were WAY underage. If you’re gonna do that, maybe make sure they aren;t 12 before you start spiking their cokes. Idiot.

I also don’t have to assume he is driving people home. If you know that commonwealth is on the east side of edmonton, and he hasspruce grove hockey ALL over his jacket and hat, you might do some simple math and realize that’s a bit far and that no one sneaking his own booze in would ever pay for a cab out there and no buses run that far. Idiot.

THIRDLY - I never said anything about the odd peanut, I mentioned the entire 3 qtr of this and damn near and entire bag of which he also ripped off from an old guy that was sitting in the row in front.

Fourthly - He WAS directly trying to bother the kid by saying that he was throwing the stuff when the kid has no idea what was going on. So before you start spouting off with your meatball commentary learn how to read, then after that learn how to understand. Also say hi to the many people that I am very sure would like to make you spit chicklets for being such a retard.

This is no place to tattle, it’s a place to observe and I dont care about the odd thing, but when I miss half a damn football game because of it, I get pissed of. So if you wanna go party and throw garbage for an hour and pound from your mickey of root beer schnapps, go to your barn.

Oh and lastly, what the hell would I be bitter about, I said Rider fan, not esky fan. May go post somewhere where you know something more about, like cattle or teletubbies.

On another note…the same guy also has season tickets, and buys his kids cheaper tickets in the next section. What he always does is have his kids move to sit with him right at the start of the game. The first game of the season comes along and the people who rightfully bought these seats were told by him “Aww come on, I want my kids to sit here, why dont you go take those seats over there”…they were not impressed.

…T-man, don’t let statik get to you, he has posted before that his greatest skill while at a football game is performing a full beer chug without the use of his hands…then yelling at the top of his lungs about something inarticulate (and probabaly midly offensive) while wondering why the all the relatively behaved fans at McMahon stare at him like he should be in a zoo…‘wussy calgarians, it’s like they’re at church’ is his comeback…sounds like this guy you saw comes from the same caveman clan as Statik, hence the reason he is standing up for him…

Or maybe the peanut bomber was Statik!?

It seems statik is defending the idiots behaviour because he’s probably the same type of guy so i would dismiss his opinion as that of an a*****.
The question I have for you T-man is; Why didn’t go talk to stadium security about the guy and point him out ? How are they supposed to deal with him if they don’t even know about him??
No , it’s not ok to try to provoke a fight between other people . That goes beyond just tossing a couple of peanuts. To those who just say they would use their knuckles , words are cheap . Maybe you could punch the guy out , but some people want to see the game , not get tossed out of the game yourself because of a moron.
Next time just get security, let them do their job and on with the game.

To hear a story about a fan like that in Edmonton is completely embarrasing. I agree call the Esks office and complain about this guy and give them the option to either get rid of him or move you to different seats (upgrade of course) if that is acceptable to you. There is no way people should have to tolerate that juvinile behaviour and pay for it as well.

Just looked at where you are sitting and that would be tough to upgrade. I say be adament with the Esks office about doing something about this loser.

In October and November, alot of fans in Montreal go to Molson Percival with hidden liquor flasks in their coats. I’ve already seen a couple sneaking in with a full 750 ml of red wine! Pretty much every one of them is smashed by the end of the game, but I haven’t seen anyone take on someone else in that situation.

The only consequence of this is fans tend to think they can go run on the field once the game is over, and that results in a tacklefest by security guards. Gotta say I find that funny though.

Once, there also was a guy who succeeded in climbing up a goal post! He got to the little flag up the post. The uprights were all bent-up in a seemingly dangerous way. There were about 8 security guards waiting for him, but none would climb. So the guy stayed there for about two minutes, asking the crowd to applaud some more. Funny souvenirs…

Man, I prolly woulda just notified security and the RCMP on site to make sure the guy didn’t put his kids in a vehicle he was driving.

It’s easy enough to get those morons kicked out of the stadium

Unfortunately Tumblersman, I think every city has our fair share of idiots. I wish I could polish some Halos and say We didn’t have any here in BC but I’ve seen my share at BC Place. I would have contacted security right away. I wouldn’t want a druken idiot killing or injuring a friend or relative on the way home. (Yeah, I have friends who go to Commonwealth ) Too bad he was such a bad role model for his kids.

I hardly find idiots running onto the field funny. It’s grown real old . The good thing here in BC is they now fine them $2000 for it.
The one time i found it funny was back when Doug Flutie still played here , a guy ran onto the field right up to Flutie . And then the offensive lineman standing right there, I think it was Carl Coulter , grabbed the idiot by the head and hurled him to the ground . Then securitiy pounced on him , now that was worth cheering for.

That’s called an assumption. Its definately not possible that someone is picking him up - or he’s staying at a hotel accross the street … Unless you watched him get in his car and drive his kids home - you are assuming.

And splitting 3 mickey’s amoungst himself and 7 people is like … 3-4 shots a piece … that hardly sounds out of controll - but whatever, its all relative i suppose. Granted if he is giving children booze - i’m shocked and disgusted, that you being the mature, sensible, sober, church-going type wouldn’t do anything to protect those poor little children, from the horrible beast and his vile of poison trickery …

If someone is causing you THAT much trouble … and you (and everyone else around you) are completely unwilling to do anything about it (other than whine on the CFL message board the next day) … I have to question how you expected this behavoir to stop? I can understand not wanting to ‘tattle’ … but really - if you figure you’ve missed half a football game due to this guys goofball antics … what the hell are you and everyone else in your section thinking?!? Sounds like your entire section didn’t care enough to complain … or the everyone in section ‘polite’ is seriously lacking in the gonads department.


  1. Don’t judge all edmonton or any cities fans by one person!!!


Most fans are great, some like me tease other teams and fans but in a good natured way and actually there is some comraderie that develops at games with adversaries. That should be the best part of the CFL and Canada - have your rivalries but in a fun way. Think of your friends and their hockey team allegiances. You, like I probably bug the heck out of your friends who like teams that you are not loyal too- but it is all in fun. BACK TO THE POINT OF ALL THIS - GET RID OF THAT GUY , HE IS A DISGRACE TO THE CFL!!!

Good point there. If you’re not willing to do anything about it, then don’t come here and complain about it. I know you’re probably just looking for advice on this, so my advice is to report him to the stadium authorities.