Disgusting Eskimo fan Display

I've been around the league to alot of different games in alot of different stadiums and being a rider fan I've seen some pretty bad things from fans.

But as I was at the Eskies-Bombers game tonite, I saw something which totally disgusted me. A middle aged man with his 2 preteen kids who have season tickets showed up as usual. The guy is usually a loud mouth jackass, but I typically just blow that off. The start of the 1st qtr, the guy stands up and whips out, I kid you not, 3 mickeys of booze and fills the coke he bought at the vendor. I'm pretty sure he wasnt afraid to load up some random kids around him with some sauce either. Not the first time I have seen him do this. Anyways, blah blah blah, we get to the 3rd qtr and the man steals a bag of peanuts from someone sitting nearby and proceeds to throw peanuts at random people sitting in the rows in front of him, trying to them in the head to make his kids laugh. This goes on for the entire 3rd qtr and people are really starting to get pissed off. When they turn around to see the idiot who is throwing things is, the man proceeds to point to a kid about 20 yrs old in sitting just in front of him.

Finally the kid catches on and turns around and says to the guy VERY politely, "Listen man, could you please not do that, people are givin me dirty looks and I dont feel like pissing anyone off here, I just wanna watch the game." The man says to the kid, "Ah, whatever, I'm not too worried about it, if you wanna blame me you can, but they already think its you." And turns to his kids and starts laughing. Keep in mind this guy is 3 sheets to the wind drunk at this point and really annoying. So the kid who is taking the blame's friend turns back the the guy and says "Listen Buddy, why dont you F#$%^@% grow up already." The man proceeds to lose it and starts callin the kid on. The kid turns back to the game to ignore him and the man whips a few peanuts at the kids face now. Unbelievable.

Well when all was said and done, I looked under the man's seat to see a pretty nice collection of empty mickeys and which I had no doubt that he was piling the kids into the car for the long drive back to Spruce Grove.

If anyone should happen to be sitting in or near Section U at Commonwealth, specifically Row 20 Seat 11 and see a fat, bald, drunk loser with a mustache throwing peanuts at your head. Don't hesitate to say hi to him or even better give him a forearm shiver to the face.

Sorry for the long story, add comments please.

too bad we have fans like this in the CFL....if i was sitting next to him i woulda just decked him and got it over with

Some people have absolutely no class. Sometimes I wish there was a way for those morons to erradicate themselves from our gene pool. Fat chance of that happening. Unfortunately, children tend to be the product of their environments in many cases, so look for more low-class losers like him in twenty or thirty years. Isn't that a thought to look forward to? I sincerely hope that "long drive back to Spruce Grove" is uneventful; however, in the event that he does wreck, it probably won't be HIM that is the victim. Too bad he's got kids with him. . .

Well it wasn't so much the lipping off the younger guys in front for what he was doing, but I was really feeling bad for his kids, they thought it was hilarious and its a shame that's what they are learning. Typical bad hockey dad is what I figured, as he was wearing the hat. Maybe thats why I quit hockey pretty young.

...........thats pretty bad.........and probably not indicative of the fan base in EE so I imagine a lot of other EE fans will take issue with this idiot.........if you feel stongly enough about it I'd pass the seat number onto the edmonton front office who might arrange to have the edmonton police keep an eye on whether or not this slob shows up to the next home game..........

At some point shouldn't somebody get security - or shouldn't they actually be able to see this guy throwing peanuts for an entire quarter - where were they? I've been to 7 different stadiums in the CFL - Edmonton is the most comfortable to sit in, but has the worst atmosphere to actually watch a game in, half of the people are getting hotdogs while the play is on. Example of good stadium security - Taylor Field. You all know that we Rider fans are not "angels" by any means, but we do go to actually "watch" the football game. I was at a game last year, a guy had too much to drink and was stumbling a bit, a security guy came up, asked him to hold his liquor, and sit down and watch the game. The guy didn't, and he was gone. Let the Eskimos security know about it, that's what they're there for, so that guys like section U, row 20, seat 11, don't get to stay and watch the end of the game.

Are you sure the guy wasnt from winnipeg, sounds like just about every bomber fan that I sit beside at the games.

Well like I said, I'm a Riders fan but live in Edmonton and have had season tickets in both places for a very long time and I agree 100% shorty1964. In Sask, you do get to watch the game, its not quite the social club that edmonton seems to be during the play. However, I love the stadium in Edmonton and its typically not indicative of the the fans. Funny though in the last 2 seasons I have sat near different people in edmonton with my season tix and they have been incrediblly irritating, pretty much starting fights. In edmonton is seems that when a person wants to piss people off they act like its their god given right. Oddly enough, this NEVER happens at Oiler games. Weird.

LOL, no he wasn't from Winnipeg and oddly enough Bomber fans were extremely well behaved today. Ya I was as surprised as you are!

the bombers fans were behaved because they kept the game close and a very fun game to watch :slight_smile:

Tumbler, move your section, my sister has 4 season tickets in section O, I get to sit there once a year and cheer for the Riders - which I did wildly in the Western Semi last year. Never have any trouble in that section, people just cheer for their teams, which is what being a fan is all about!

That's awful.

Definitely call the Eskimo office and complain about that guy bringing in his own liquor and getting out of hand. Commonwealth security doesn't really care if people are being jerks, but I've seen cops gat on people for smuggled liquor bottles.

Actually we just moved our seats this season and I think I will agree all of you will shoot me. My seats at Commonwealth for the past 3 years were on the 55 yard line, Section T Row 7 Right behing the visiting bench. AMAZING SEATS.

Here is the catch, my tickets are paid for thru my company and the boss (father in law) who pays for them complained he wanted to move up because he couldn't see the game as well. Believe me I fought tooth and nail against this because he usually only goes to 1 game a season and I get all the rest. Those seats were the greatest, the people were great. These new ones are brutal, obnoxious all around

I can't understand that, I like to sit close to the field where you can hear the action and be more a part of it all. Have you ever sat behind the visiting bench in Hamilton? That is pretty wild

Ahhhhhhhh he's old and senile....there was no talking sense into him.

I still think that the hands down wildest place to sit for a game in the old university section at Taylor Field. What a great time. People will heckle the hell out of opposing fans, but they are never very serious and when the game is over its over. In edmonton if i wear my Riders jersey to a game when Sask isn't even playing,like today, I run like hell to get outta that stadium after.....some serious verbal abuse.

during the game against calgary at home last week in the 2nd quarter i think some guy in the section next to ours got into a fight i think, i dunno what happened all i seen was like 7 security guards trying to hall this fat ass down the stairs and he wasnt going kindly, he was kicking them, punching them every chance he got.

the really senseless thing about this is do you think he packed up his kids and took the bus home? I am assuming he probably drove there. Edmonton is a pretty big city and all. very shameful

Likly he is an NFL fan who jsut wants to give CFL fans a hard time at a game, what an fucking asshole!!!

I'm sure i'm going to be the only one in this thread on the other side of the coin ... But lighten up dude.

Firstly - That guy is definately not the first, or the only person bringing booze into a CFL stadium ... So who cares? Sounds like you have nothing better to whine about.

Secondly - you assume he is giving this booze to the kids around him. But your story doesnt confirm this ... way to paint a picture. You ASSUME he is driving people home ... but you don't know this.

Thirdly - throwing things in the stands ... the odd peanut here and there .. so be it. I cant remember a single CFL game i've been to without seeing a few peanuts or marshmallows in the air at some point. And the fact that he is "blaming" the guy in front of him, is just drunken humor .. I sincerely doubt when you call in the Stadium security, edmonton police, the RCMP, and the Royal Canadian Stadium Peanut Throwing crime unit - they will be able to properly determine the real peanut tosser.

The fact is .. if I was horsing around in the stands drunk, and some @sshole who I wasen't even directly trying to bother got in my face .. I'd more than likely not throw a few peanuts, but maybe a few knuckles. Not that, that decision would be rational - but it doesn't sound like you are dealing with a rational person ... use your head!

Sometimes you are going to be surrounded by people you don't like ... So be it. Live and let live ... If you try and change someone's behavoir with an angry or frustrated tone (whether its warranted or not) - you are more likely to escalate a situation than resolve it. If you hate the guy so much (which has become rather apparent) - Contact the team office and move your seats to section 'p#ssy' ... or section 'church' ... its a Friday night football game - you have to have some leniancy... You write as if this guy commited the crime of the century and got away .... ITS A FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME ...

I'm not trying to defend the guy here ... wrong is wrong ... but it sounds like maybe you are a little too tightassed to be sitting in the stands with thousands of strangers. You may want to remember that for the next Friday Night football game ...

Duh ... Maybe you're just bitter that your team nearly lost to arguably the worst team in the CFL (this year) ...