disgustiing cfl officating

Well CFL what you got to say about yourselves and your disgusting calls during the Wpg/Sask game. Stegal clearly had a touchdown and your staff refused to call it as such. If these old men you got on the field cant do their jobs then you should be considering using the replay. They obviously dont have eyes. The poor calls from the officials should not be dictating the season. If you want to call the games, then just say so. You are ruining Canadian football just like the Americans ruined Canadian Hockey. Get your shit together.

How about his 2nd TD which actually bounced off the ground?

Don't make excuses, us Sask fans always get criticized for this yet everyone else does the same thing. HYPOCRITES.

it didnt bounce, he got his hand under the damn ball... and he did have that other touchdown.

There was one camera angle the other was blocked from view and it looked like he caught the ball.

It's not like this is the only sport/league in which this happens. Winnipeg can't blame the loss on that and that alone.


The Bombers defence cost us this game.

You got it right danbdos, and kk28 you might want to apply to George Black as an official. Sounds like you have the kind of eyesight they look for in a official.

I never even saw a good replay. The only replay they showed was when the official was in the way and then Petterson got all excited lol

this is all a plan by the CFL to "rig" games so they can have who they want in the playoffs, and keep things more interesting for certain key markets....and therefore, grow the league.

Yes Stegall did catch the second TD. His hand was clearly under the ball. The would be 3rd TD was a TD, in the cfl it's a TD as soon as he has full control in the endzone, which he had while still in mid air.

Now thats a dumb statement!

There was an earlier call (Not the above discussed TD) that went against Saskatchewan that I thought was a bit contraversial…

At least the officials are consistant…Consitantly giving everyone something to talk about.

i was JOKING.....i'm just so sick of all the whining about officals....BOOooo ( frickin ) WHOOooo

ahh you mean the supposed Pass interference? Which continued Winnipegs drive and they scored a touchdown?...Nah I wont bring that one up ...:slight_smile:

Sorry Drummin…I usually take you seriously on everything! LOL

Yeah lots of whining, 3 weeks ago it was BC fans, Last week Sask fans, this week Winnipeg. We’re all guilty! Sigh.

(Last week watched my Grandsons team play, and if what I saw was the up and comming officials, then I’ll keep the current CFL guys any day!)

I can't even complain that you are complaining about the refs cause I did it last week after the BC game, BUT if you will refer to "The better team won tonight" from last week you will see the slack I got for complaining so just read that and put Bombers in anytime you read Riders. Yes, Stegall's TD was a TD.... both of them.... the one that counted and the one that didn't, but there were a lot aof questionable calls against the Riders too... see 2 interference calls against (1 may have been legit..... he looked awfully guilty with his hands in the air before the flag was thrown :smiley:) and one against Wpg that wasn't called on French. There were questionable calls going both ways and I won't go on too much because I will feel too much like a hypocrite.

Go Riders!!

It's not just Rider fans who complain about the refs.

Things have a way of balancing out over a long season. Last year I felt BC got hosed on a TD call In a game in Calgary, then at the end of the season Calgary got hosed on the infamous on-side kick call. We shoulda won one, they shouda won one. (Two wrongs don’t make it right…but…)

I think all of us has jumped on the Bad Ref bandwagon every now and then.

BC had a couple of posters that went a little overboard 3 weeks ago.

i've NEVER complained about the refs....in any given game, theres gonna be questionable calls against BOTH teams.....it probably helps that i DON'T have a favorite team....cuz when u DO have a fav, u only seem to recall the ones that went against u, and forget the ones that helped you

Don't be mistaken by kk28, he's one of the top posters for crying about bad calls (see his post last week Rdiers vs Calgary http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... pic&t=2281).

He just likes it when they go in his favor.

Stegall's 2nd TD was clearly a catch. The pass interference call that led to the Brazell TD was weak and shouldn't have been called. And Stegall's 3rd TD that was ruled incomplete was clearly a catch and the ref's botched it. You can even see them looking at each other waiting for the other to make the call cause neither of them knew what to do. The ref's in this league are a joke and have been for too long and its ruining the game's more and more. Did any of the missed calls cost the Bomber's the game?? Not even close, the Bombers D sucked. The bad reffing just adds to the frustration.