Well, here it goes. I have previously gone on record documenting over the years how we are slowly making inroads in better coverage here in the self proclaimed Centre of the Universe and wannabee US state. But, all it takes is a day like today to make me think otherwise.

Got my two papers, the left wing so called “All Canadian” Toronto Star and to balance my diet the much needed and right wing reality check of the Toronto Sun.
On the front page in both but especially the Star was the NBA first round pick of the Craptors.

Once inside the Sport section, the Star devoted page 1 and 3 on more of this nonsense. Meanwhile, the Argos with a day before their game in Vancouver there is nothing. Nada.

The Sun sports also went crazy with pages 1,2 & 3 totally devoted to this nonsense. The Argos you say, had a small story on page 9.

Therein lies the problem as these two idiotic Editors determined just like the clueless Sports Manager of the Fan 590 Radio in Toronto the pecking order.

This is for the NBA and Craptors who are not even on the radar of Sports in this country. Last weeks survey of sports confirmed same and how our CFL was numbwer two in popularity. The TV rating for the NBA are pitiful(averaging around 40,000 per telecast).

It certainly makes one long for the love of our sport which our friends out west seem to have and relish in.

…why any media out=let continues to promote the nba over the CFL irks the he$$ out of me…it’s easy to see that the T.O media is Americanized to the point of blindness…i call it a bloody disgrace…I have nothing against professional basketball…but excuse me …ask yourself how many nba franchises are there in Canadian cities…it just does not warrant the exposure it gets in this country at all…the CFL. DOES NOT warrant back page exposure…or 5 minute sound bites…i agree with you totally… argotom…the media in TO. NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE…got that off my chest :oops:


sounds to me like someone needs to have a little face-to-face heart-to-heart with these people.

Next argo tailgate is in the editers office :slight_smile:

The Toronto Star seems to think the Raptors are the top team in Toronto by the coverage they give them. You’d think they could at least give the Argos equal coverage.
The only sports writer who gave the CFL some coverage was the Sun’s Perry Lefko, but now he’s gone to the CFL offices. Maybe we’ll see more of Steve Simmons lol

I honestly think its a combination of misreading the public and, unfortunately, reporters who are Americanized in their sports market coverage.

I hate to admit it, but we Ontarians really are USA wannabees. Oh sure, we'll slam Bush or snidely shake our heads when some shooting occurs down there, but that smugness is just envy. Its a shame this province accounts for a third of the population. Imagine if BC had 12million people instead.

I completely agree.

The SUN also had the RAPTORS on the FRONT PAGE.

But complaining here does NOTHING. Many people have to write letters to both THE STAR and THE SUN.I have written them many. But it isn't just in Toronto it is in most of the Ontario press.

As for envy? [that certainly isn't my opinion , or most of CANADA's. Even most Americans slag BUSH now].You shouldn't say that about all Ontarians.

Our B.S. press is run by very few people , WHO ARE OUT OF TOUCH.

The SUN is owned by QUEBEC COR , and the STAR's owner is a big BLUE JAYS fan. The STAR'S EDITOR hates the CFL.

B.C. had trouble at one time getting coverage and so did HAMILTON , but Toronto is the worst for it.OTTAWA , wasn't that great either.

I decided to sign up for the forum after reading it for a while now because this anti-Toronto attitude is getting ridiculous. Of course the Raptors were on the front page for drafting Bargnani that is a way bigger story. Also why would the papers do a story on the argos the day before the game. If you look in the Star today you will see two articles about the CFL. You have to realize the Raptors are much more popular in Toronto than the Argos and the same goes with the Jays. I work downtown in a large office there are a couple guys I talk to about the Argos but what do you think almost every guy in the office was talking about wednesday, the NBA draft with the rest talking about A.J Burnett's shut out of Tuesday night. On Thursday they were all talking about the draft as well not the Argos game of Friday night in BC. Don't get me wrong I love the Argos and go to many games both in Toronto and Hamilton but Toronto has other options and you have to understand that.

Argofan I wouldnt be so quick to bash this anti-toronto attitude, it's the only thing hodling this country together at this point.

I can not imagine though that the raptors, a team that sucked for all but one year of their existence, is so popular with the sports fans of toronto. Same goes with the blue jays since theyre never gonna make the playoffs unless MLB changes its format because the red sox and yankees will always keep the jays out of the playoffs. The argos on the other hand actually win championships every now and then and almost always make the playoffs at the very least.

Whats with Toronto's enfatuation with teams that constantly suck (besides the leafs)? Especially when theres a winner in their back yard

The CFL out draws the NBA something like 3 or 4 to 1 in the TV ratings, but the Toronto Star has their blinders on as usual...its not what the people want its what they want you to know.
I subcribe to both the Star and the Globe and they're both brutal IMO for CFL news. Say what you want about Marty York but at least he wrote more about the CFL when he was with the Globe.

It's just another case of the media telling the people what is popular, and the people just buying into it. The tail is wagging the dog.

I don't think this problem goes throughout all Ontario. The Toronto media sees their city as "world class", and believing that they have in a way outgrown the rest of the country, consider themselves on equal footing with cities like New York, L.A., London, Paris,... The rest of us know this is foolishness.

The Hamilton Spectator had a picture of that draft pick on the front of the sports section, but when you open it up the first two pages were dedicated to the Cats and the CFL. I don't know what page the NBA story was on...I didn't look for it, because, like most Ontarians, I don't give a rat's behind about it.

IMO Toronto is just getting what they deserve :stuck_out_tongue: a taste of reality :wink: there is a world outside of TO :cowboy:

Hellothere you are right on. A few years back I played flag football with the brother of one of the Editors for the Star. He told me exactly the same thing how the Sports Editor hates the CFL and thinks the Sport and league is second rate. No matter how many times my friends brother would try to reason with this guy to provide better coverage, it was to no avail.
Nothing has changed over the years and despite the increase in popularity of our league, if anything the coverage has gone backwards if you can believe it in both the Star and Sun. Of the two, there is no question how the Sun is better.
Again, this mentality as BiGDave just stated of being a self proclaimed "World Class" city and wannabee US state continues big time.

the sun had a full page of CFL on page 4 of sports.

there will be more tomorrow, after the lions kick the argos butts.

that being said, it is disgusting that the CFL always finds itself in the pages after NBA and MLB, even tho ratings justify CFL being number 1 or number 2 in coverage.

but what can we do?

Phone and complain.

[url=http://news.yahoo.com/s/cpress/20060615/ca_pr_on_fo/cfl_tv_preview]http://news.yahoo.com/s/cpress/20060615 ... tv_preview[/url] http://www.channelcanada.com/Article1267.html

Jays averaged 412,000 viewers on tsn last year and the CFL averaged 395,000. I guess that all across Canada the Blue Jays should get more press than the CFL. That would be crazy, just as thinking the Argos are more popular than the Jays, Raptors or Leafs is crazy

Don't lump me in with that. Not sure where you're from but perhaps you meant "we Torontonians"? Regarding the coverage, do you think that maybe it was all basketball because the draft had just occured? Regardless, you should see the coverage the CFL gets in Ottawa now that we don't have a team anymore. At least the TEAM 1200 is carrying Riders games!

Also I would like to comment on the whole "world class" thing. Most people in Toronto would never think of Toronto as being equal to New York, Paris or London. We know we are an important city in the world but anyone who has ever been to those cities know Toronto is not their equal.

definably think the NBA draft of the Raptors deserve the front page and a 1 page story, but the Argos should have had 2 pages since it is game day the next day.

Raptors did the extra coverage if they are in trouble, but c'mon people!

Why are the owners of the Argos not doing something about this........

the argos made a big mistake of changing from the sun to the star as thier main newspaper alliance.

the star has almost no interest in covering the cfl....and now the suns coverage has gone down from last year.