Unbelievable. I just watched Global News Toronto broadcasting their entire evening news from Windsor. Going gaga and covering it like it was our country's game. Little do they know we are in Canada and our national sport is CFL and the Grey Cup. Again, the wannabee mentality of being American. I am disguisted to live in the Toronto region and will be e-mailing my view. Anyone else.

.......I'd be disguised if I lived in TO too......

R&W , any room for me in your beautiful province and city?

its because global has the rights to the game in this country, and they are tryin to beg viewers to watch to increase thier ratings.

I can understand Windsor doing that, but not Toronto. Jeez, can't they wait until 2007 when it's their time to be in the spotlight?

you know a serial killer in that region of the country was arrested with a CAROLINA PANTHERS T-SHIRT!!! go fig!

I have read this week the Globe and Mail how the advertising rates at Global have gone down this year by roughly 10% and they have not sold out. Almost unheard of in years previously. For the last five years I believe the Grey Cup has smoked the Super Snore in ratings. Last year by over 1M+.

argotom, im counting on u to post the supersnores canadian ratings on tuesday!

Actually, I bet the ratings will be down in the States because Pittsburgh and Seattle are really small market teams. Indy, NY, Philly, LA (Oops nobody there) would probably have higher ratings because of the larger market.

more than likely, I agree with you SM!

In fact, I am trying to get the preliminary ratings as soon as they come out in the industry early Monday. In any event and for sure, I will post Tuesday with my comments. For now, my guess is 2.5M. What’s yours DG.

1.8 mil...alot of people used to watch the bore just for the commercials...now we dont get the cool and new yankee ads, so i think alot of non-football fans who used to watch for the ads, wont watch anymore.

Just when I thought the Argos and the CFL was making inroads, and I guess it is ever so slowly, but all over the radio and different channels here in the "Center of the Universe" the talk is about Sunday's Big Game and Super Snore parties. This to me was the topper, the local Toronto Police are conducting a RIDE(alcohol roadside tests generally reserved for the Christmas holidays) program before and after the Snore. Gag me with a spoon.

good...crackdown on NFL fans...directly to JAIL, do not pass go, do not collect $200 ....lol

I hope I'm wrong, but considering two northern teams are playing in the Superbore, and especially considering Seattle's proximity to Vancouver, this year could see higher Superbore ratings in Canada ... but I hope not. And of course I REALLY hope the Grey Cup ratings blow the Superbore out of the water.

I hate how in love with the NFL our media is. Everyone is going nuts over the Superbore. Why can't this be done for the Grey Cup? Yet another example of why I hate our media ... so easily led on by hype (which is really all the Superbore is about ... hype).

Is this really a bigger deal in Canada than the Grey Cup, and are there really more, bigger Superbore parties than Grey Cup parties? I don't think so ... yet we don't hear 10% as much about the Grey Cup. Which does have a silver lining ... shows that we don't need the hype to appreciate the game. Imagine how big of an event it would be if it were hyped like the Superbore ... and it's (the GC) already the biggest 1-day event in Canada every year!

Kev, the world may never konw.

Okay....Unscientific pole hear on the lake!

For Grey Cup, there were 6 Grey Cup parties I knew about. For Super Bowl, there is only two.

Now in fairness the two Superbowl parties are die-hard football fans. (I'll be there) The Grey Cup parties more wives go along. Also (With do respect to the avid CFL fans who are ladies) the ladies tag along to gossip in the kitchen while we watch Grey Cup. So with Grey Cup, the Guys (With 1or 2 Ladies) Watch the game while the others socialize. For Superbowl, its basically the guys!

Totally unscientific.

...I hate ..how in love Canada is with everything American... and the media is a lot to blame... they don't seem to realize that we still have a border and are totally different.......I'm NOT anti-American.. they're a good neighbour....but come on people....we have a beautiful country.....we better start investing the time and energy into it or you can say good-bye to the Canadian IDENTITY.........our institutions are slowly disappearing...example...Hudsons Bay Co....now American OWNED....do we have to see more... to really set off the alarm bells...we are slowly being annexed...i'll get off my soap box now... :!:

Hey Papa...Its time for Rick Mercer to go interview some more college proffesors down there.

That show was so funny! :mrgreen:

CanucKev, right on buddy. It's that inferiority complex or at least right here in the wannabee US state in Southern Ontario. Emphasize and go crazy about everything that is not ours and the heck with traditions. And of course, put down and criticize our Canadian heritage. Like, the analogy how you have not made it unless you go to Hollywood, similarily and I am not sure if the CFL vs NFL is the equivilant.
In any event, it is way over the top here. What say you guys across Canada and particularily in the west where tradition and CFL football is king. I am envious. Long live Don Cherry.

...I agree....can't believe how uninformed they are about our country...if you ever watch sit-comes...one Will and Grace....last night one statement from Grace was 'YEAH THEY GOT ALL OF THESE SPECIAL THINGS IN CANADA....BUT THEY'RE NOT A REAL COUNTRY....wow...I feel like boycotting that show....and one of the stars is Canadian....shame on you Will...we''ll have to send Rick Mercer to talk to that boy... :shock: