disgruntled ticket holders

are you fed up?

Do you feel like boycotting?

Do you want to rip up your tickets?

why not give them to big brothers so that some kid(s) who will really apreciate them can go.

already do that with the freebies in my package plus unused ducats.However I cannot shake the feeling there are child abuse laws in this country.

As I said in another thread....

Protesting a sporting event....what a joke. Why don't you spend your passion for activism on a worthy cause.

Oh and reading this article today might change your thoughts as to wheather kids would enjoy a Cats game.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20Sports/article/270100]http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20S ... cle/270100[/url]

Kids Run the Ticats reporting gives a whole new perspective on game

October 22, 2007
The Hamilton Spectator
(Oct 22, 2007)

An amazing bunch of kids got a once in a lifetime experience in the first of two back-to-back games between the Hamilton Ticats and the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Ivor Wynne Stadium last week.

Kids Run the Ticats Day let lots of kids try exciting jobs like gate keeping, P.A. announcing, and reporting for The Spec.

I got to take in the action on the sidelines. My experience watching the game on the field was phenomenal.

There's a dramatic difference from watching in the crowded stands to standing right on the sidelines, feeling like you're in the middle of all the action. You're surrounded by the screams of the eager fans, the shrill cry of the official's whistle, and the rush of the players as they storm down the field.

The fans are always extremely entertaining at Ivor Wynne, incredibly loud and highly opinionated. Usually arriving with positive spirits the crowd can get a little rowdy and negative when the game is going downhill, but they always find a way to stay cheery and make the best of the game.

One thing that I truly noticed from the sidelines is how hard the players actually hit one another. The collision of two or more players results in an unexpectedly frightening crash of bodies.

It sounds as though boulders were smashing right in front of you sending a chill down your spine.

And when their massive figures charge down the field, you can feel the ground shake with the stampede of the players.

Off the field, the players seem quite relaxed, as excitement is released with high fives, hugs, and jumps of joy for satisfying plays.

Overall I had an amazing time blessed with an unforgettable experience providing lots of wonderful memories.

Thanks to Kids Run the Ticats.

Caitlin Courchesne, 11, of Burlington, reported from the sidelines about last week's Saskatchewan-Hamilton game, in a joint Ticat/Spectator promotion.

... already did that (gave tickets to a great place)... went to the local fire department and said "Any fireman here like football?" They said YES! I handed them three pairs of Box D tickets - for the last games of the season and said "you're all heroes... have fun on us!" Thanks... and left. What a smile I got for that! That fireman was GORGEOUS!!! (aren't they all?) We'll enjoy the game from home - while eating fresh veggies and drinking vodka... and using our own bathroom.

OMG!!! Kids running the Tiger Cats?!!!!

So, that is why we are losing. :wink:


An Argo-Cat fan

Here are 4 years of photos and reports from kids who attend almost all home games: