Disgruntled Grey Cup Attendee

I am writing this post to say goodbye . . . for now.
I have many things to say but it hurts too much to bother trying.
Basically, I believe that had Stevie Baggs been allowed to get the interception he was hunting for before being placed in a Brutus Beefcake Sleeper hold and dragged down by his face (which was on the front page of a CGY newspaper the next day) by a MTL Olineman directly in front of the ref who was staring right at the one-sided wrestling match, then MTL points would have been taken off the board.

All that aside, I cannot think about next year.
So before somebody writes, "Where are all the Rider fans?" (which somebody has undoubtedly already written), I want to say. . .
You are lucky MTL! You are lucky!
You are lucky. And Next year in Edmonton, when the Riders are in the cup again, I hope it's you. I hope it's MTL. Because we are going to shut you down, shut you out and punish you for ever thinking that you were Champions. Sure you have the cup, but I will never acknowledge you as Champions. Why? Because I am an instigator! You are not the Champs and you never will be (again). :?

I most likely won't be back on the forums until it stops hurting which probably won't be until training camp.
Go ahead, throw me your insults. If they are loud enough I just might hear them.

Your friend, (except you two-timing Duval and all of MTL for the rest of my life and possibly Kavis Reed who has been screwing us all year long)

Calgary, you missed out on what would have been the biggest party you have ever seen.

And there we are having a big Grey cup parade without your acknowledgment... Give your head a shake dude, we won, you lost, we are champions, have been all season long. :cry:

...as your online doctor I recommend some rest and try to limit your stress....

[url=http://www.calgarysun.com/sports/greycup/photos/2009/11/29/11973281.html#toggle]http://www.calgarysun.com/sports/greycu ... tml#toggle[/url]

Click the link to see a CFL endorsed clean play. The photos I refer you to are 51 and 52 of 87

BTW, This photo(s) is not the reason I will not consider MTL champions. I will not consider them Champions because I hate them and they are big-loser-faced-loser-fools (disgruntled)

Oh NOW you're making sense, what are you... 12 ?


Well, that's just clearly incorrect. Calgary had been the champions until the clock ticked to zero on Sunday....

...if you are 12 ...then disregard this/.....I think you should pick up a case of Pilsener 13...sit down ...have a few and let your CFL spirit be rekindled... :wink:

Somebody call the waaaah-mbulance!

But he does not talk about the interference no call on Alexander. Or the fact that Durant threw interceptions or the fact that they tried to play with 13 players... What's he going to do if his team loses four straight GC :roll: It CAN happen.

That move by Montreal on the tipped ball was brilliant heads up play. Trading a turnover for a first down and he caught a break...

Or the fact that we outscored the Riders 25-10 in the second half and didn't allow the Riders to pick up a single first down inside the last 7 minutes of the fourth quarter.

Or the fact that we had what looked like a completed pass to Bratton disallowed with less than 40 seconds remaining in the game, but still managed to drive the ball into FG range.

Or the fact that Duval's shanked seven-yard punt gift-wrapped three points to the Roughriders, who started that drive in FG range but never picked up a first down. Talk about luck. When was the last time you saw a seven-yard punt?

Not an als fan, but that Duval shank is completely understated. Put it this way, what team wouldn't go for the 1st down, if they knew they'd only get a measly 7 yard punt. Almost unheard off...

Having said that, it can't go without saying, Etienne Boulay saved the alouettes season. Once he recovered that ball, I had a feeling Montreal would win.

Also tryllin can moan all he wants, but as Jock Climie put it, the als deserved to win based on that last drive alone. That was legendary AC. Forget the fact the als came back from 17-3, and 27-11 to win...

See you around Thryllin...I just hope that if the Riders beat the Als in next year's Grey Cup I can be a little more gracious in defeat. An attitude such as yours does nothing but tarnish the reputation of other, more respectful Rider fans.

He's hurting... What he should remember is coach's Miller's words... "These guys are going to have to live with this the rest of their lives"... Sounds to me that Coach realizes they dropped the lead and the game.

Hey, I am still "hurting" over the 76 and 88 cups, waaaaaahhhhhhh :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Im surprised thryllin this is not like you.......at all........... btw saw you on tsn

I hope the riders get to it again, because it will be the ticats turn to bytch slap the little green boys from regina.

keep dreaming pikk. :roll:

Serious whiner post, not one play determines a game sixty minutes does

and the Als are the champions

...in Thryllin's defense, 'cause I'm also his online legal counsel as well, I understand where he is coming from...awhile back he posted a thread that basically was his doctine about how he felt about this forum and how he intended to treat other teams....it was ugly let me tell you, but it was pure....

...what it boiled down to was that he hated other teams, and all the players on them, and the men that stood on the sidelines and led them, and their cheerleaders....he didn't feel it was right, to think it was okay to, say, let Hank off the hook now that he has been a stampeder for awhile, nope in his books he hates Hank and would boo him every chance he gets along with the rest of those faggy-fags that wear horsies on their helmets...he hates the gimpy lobotomized eskimos (people or team? not sure, but let's say team for now), he despises the homeless hobo-like pathetic bombers and won't give much beyond a rancid fart for anything east of t'underbay...as for the toothless lions [spit] , we won't even go there [spit]....

...see, it is a doctrine written in the black blood of boiling rage against anything non-green...yes it comes at a high cost of energy, and ulcers and I"m sure his lovely wife has lost a few precious stuffed animals over the years, but you gotta admire the man for being true to his character....he is simply putting the Thryllin Doctrine to practice.....