Disgruntled fans torch Bomber Stadium after Jyles trade

As far as Winnipeg goes (minus the truly innocent of course) and this thread, some of us might be thinking:


But hey that would end all this fun from the Kool-Aid high in Winnipeg, right?

Great job all and hats off to Evil Doctor for the April Fool's fun. :slight_smile:

...I disagree...you forgot to add 'gold and blue spray-painted' before the word 'turd'...

That isn't true. There has been a lot of questions and discussion on various moves that have or have not been made (if not here then at other Bomber message boards). With this trade, some like it and some don't but those who don't like it happen to be a small minority. For many of us Bomber fans who post here, we trust what Joe Mack is doing because we don't think he has done anything to show that he doesn't know what he's doing. He has a plan but as I said, Rome wasn't built in a day and sometimes the roads getting there are bumpy (how's that for stringing together metaphors :wink:)

I'm going to try to say this in terms even a Ticat fan can understand ( :wink: at certain Ticat fans)...

  1. Like the Eskimos, the Bombers NI content needs improving because previous regimes had done such a crappy job with the draft and traded away so many draft picks (the one good year we had before Mack was 2008 when we actually had all our picks - the rest were mostly forgetable). Mack's first priority is improving that NI content.

  2. Yes, Jyles had good QB numbers but we all know that stats don't tell the whole picture (case in point, the heated discussions over the CFL's power rankings last season). He was 2-8 as a starter last season for very good reasons - 8 fumbles of which 5 were lost and yes a number of them did affect the outcome of a game because they stopped drives (I seem to recall Rider fans complaining a lot about his fumbling when he was there), rarely checked down to RBs, good with the long ball but his touch isn't the best with shorter throws, etc.

  3. The type of injury Jyles suffered to his throwing shoulder has ended careers. There are some major question marks about how his game will be affected by the injury (which some people here seem to want to totally ignore). Add to the fact that Jyles likely would not have re-signed next year when he became a free agent (he wants to be a starter and that wasn't in the plans long-term in Winnipeg). So he was traded now while his value was highest.

  4. Jim Barker made an offer too good to turn down. IMO, I don't think Barker would have offered what he did if Lemon was throwing.

  5. The two coaches who know Jyles best let him go. Lapo said he wasn't sure whether Jyles would have even been the #2 QB coming out of camp this year. Part of that was because of the shoulder injury.

  6. It is being said that Jyles lost the support of the dressing room late last season. It is also being said Joey Elliott has a very good relationship with his teammates. When your teammates are willing to go to the mat for you it can take some of the pressure off an inexperienced QB.

  7. The Bomber coaches and management have seen enough from Joey Elliott in practice and games to think he is the real deal. Stats have nothing to do with it. Elliott joined the team in late July yet picked up the CFL game really quickly and looked quite poised during the games he played.

The one funny thing about your post, Blue Blood, is you seem to harp on Jyles' injured shoulder, yet it seems like Bombers fans want to completely ignore Piece's own injury history.

My apologies. :oops:

We aren't ignoring Pierce's injury history. This trade has nothing to do with Pierce. Here's an excerpt from a column by Gary Lawless of the FP:

Jyles might have some tools but let's not mistake him for Doug Flutie. The bottom line with the Bombers is if Pierce can't stay healthy, the team won't succeed.

Jyles wasn't going to change that. Maybe he'd win you a game or two in a pinch but he's never shown anything as a pro to suggest he could take the Bombers on a sustained run. So what's the difference if it's Elliott or Jyles mopping up the mess? Or, if things go well, holding a healthy Pierce's clipboard?

Mack and head coach Paul LaPolice gave up on Jyles last season, so moving him for a first-round pick was win-win. The money saved can be spent elsewhere.

The Bombers coaching staff is so keen on Elliott he was pencilled in as the No. 2 with or without Jyles in the picture.

[url]Winnipeg Free Press

...guess the proof will be on the field...Jyles will be given a chance to show us how competent he is by guiding the argos to great heights....I'm comfortable with what we have in the qb. dept. but they have to prove a lot as well....Not so much with Buck with him it's a matter of health.....IF he stays healthy the Bombers will be in good shape....and may even give the cats and another oft injured qb. Glenn a good run....In any event the proof will be on the field...I don't know what the hell chief is smoking but that team in deadmonton is going to be sniffing the bottom all year...Total rebuild .....If any team is going to resemble feces in 2011 ...it''ll probably have a green & gold look :lol:

Where was I talking up the Eskimos as Grey Cup contenders? I'm fully aware that this is the first year of a rebuild. :wink:

i hope the canucks go all the way just to loose.... i could use a new TV or a printer for my computer


Oft injured? Glenn hasn't missed a single game since joining the Cats...

...oh ..but he sure missed a few with us and had to wear two knee braces at one point.......i hope he doesn't return to that scenario :roll:

Yea, but hamilton has bonafide CFLers' at other positions that can protect a Q.B. Big difference. :lol:

I can only shake my head and laugh. Bombers fans go on and on about the injuries with Jyles and Glenn, but when it comes to Buck Pierce, the most injury prone of the three, he's suddenly the indestructible man. :lol:

When have Bomber fans said that Pierce hasn’t had injury problems? If you read various Bomber forums you will see that a lot of fans expect that he’ll be injured at some point this season. The thing is fans like those in Hamilton seem to have conveniently forgotten the injury history of their own QB.

And I’ll say it again, Chief, the Jyles trade has NOTHING to do with Pierce. If the Bomber brass didn’t feel that Elliott could step up if Buck goes down then they likely wouldn’t have made the trade.

This inspired me to do a poll... :smiley:

Because since he came to Hamilton, HE HASN'T HAD ONE.

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If you want, I can delete the one above so the poll is the 500th

Past injuries (especially to the knees) don't just disappear because he hasn't been injured in Hamilton.

I feel like I'm reading the same post over and over again. Is it just me? :expressionless:

...Glenns injuries did not disappear in the hammer...If you recall in the play-off game when the cats were ousted , Glenn came up lame and could not plant his foot... He was damaged more than he let on ...That toss that was picked to finsih off the year for Ham. was weak because of his injury... Luckily for Glenn it was the end of the year cuz i don't think if the hammer had to play another game they would have had to go with the back-up...That picture was sooooo familiar to Bomber fans ..Glenn hobbling off orrrrrr breaking his arm in a playoff....Ouch ...don't want to go there :thdn:

....AS far as the Stadium being set on fire :lol: :lol: :lol: Don't worry we have a brand new facility to take it's place next year....Our ol digs only have to hang around one more season...then we'll let the rest of the league collapse into Stadium envy :wink: :roll: :roll:

If anything, that pass was over thrown and went right through the hands of Arland Bruce. Say what you will about Glenn, but he’s coming off his best season as a pro.