Disgruntled fans torch Bomber Stadium after Jyles trade

Hopefully they move onto the MTS Centre next...

ya too bad this isn't winnipeg stadium.

Nice attempt at an April Fools joke.

Didn't you just attempt a joke about Ottawa signing Bishop? Just sayin'...

being about wpg, I wasnt assuming it to be a joke. :twisted: :wink:

Only Montrealers trash their city, and rioting season is nearly upon us…

The Habs will LOSE in first round this year, so we're okay :smiley:

If they finish in 6th or 7th, I think they can take washington and/or the bruins out. Flyers not so much.

I dont know about the caps, but they are 4-2 against the bruins.

No worries, the Peg mosquitoes will suck up all those flames and smoke, no probs, I have faith that that will happen out there in the Peg. :lol:

Caps are like the NBA's Mavs. Great in the regular season, underachievers in the playoffs. But win or lose, Montrealers will likely riot. They never pass up an opportunity for a good riot.

I seem to recall Vancouverites doing a pretty job of that too in the past.

they were celebrating the birth of my son :rockin:

Ya, the Guns n Roses one was a lot of fun! :rockin:

Also, I wouldn't blame somebody for turning Canadinns into a BBQ. Its a lousy stadium and there is much rage for giving away Jyles.

I was thinking more along the lines of when the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup finals.

As for your comment about rage, what rage? The majority of Bomber fans like the trade.

Which of course means the smart ones don't....

Totally lol’d. :lol:

Most Bombers fans are drinking the kool-aid.

Do you trust Tillman to re-build the Esks, Chief? I know the Ticats fans have drank every drop of kool-aid provided by O'Billovich. Other teams' fans seem to trust their GMs. Well, Bomber fans trust Mack. He's upgrading our NI talent, bringing in very talented, inexpensive imports and re-building the franchise which was run down by the likes of Lyle Bauer, Brendan Taman and Mike Kelly. We are patient because we know that Rome wasn't built in a day.

Chief, do you go to other forums? Can you remember the last time that the majority of OurBombers posters and the majority of official Bomber forum posters ever agreed on a move made by management? Most posters at both sites think it was a good deal because we are looking long-term because we are sooooo tired of the band-aid solutions that previous regimes used. We see the big picture and if fans from other teams can't... well we don't really care.

Yet you put all your trust in a Q.B. that is held together by one?????????????? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don't have much choice, but that doesn't mean I trust every move he makes. I've actually questioned some of the moves he's made. But Bombers fans... You GM could trade for a piece of turd, and the fans would find some way to twist in. :lol: