Disgraced Baylor Coach hired by TiCats

This is bad, all the goodness of "diversity is strength" shot down in one hiring.

Shite - storm about to happen

I posted this in the Cats forum but it deserves to be in main forum as well.

With you 100%, had to read the name twice to make sure I wasn't imagining things...why they would hire him I have no idea, guy has been a lightning rod for controversy for like three years now. How much of all of the news is true and falls on his shoulders is up to you to determine, but literally it's just been one story after that next and it's effectively killed Baylor's football program for the time being.

And for anyone thinking all of this would slip under the radar in new releases that involve our city and our team, you'd be wrong of course


Now I know you can make an argument that deadspin had it out for Baylor, but they weren't basing all those stories off hearsay. Those were real stories that plagued that football team, all under the direction of Art Briles and as you can see from the news reports today, people haven't forgotten. Only people who seem to have forgotten is the Ti-Cats who made absolutely zero mention about a scandal that ultimately ran Briles out of Baylor.

I know 100% somebody is going to come up with the rebuttal that all those girls were money hungry and wanted attention...but give your head a shake. 52 alleged rapes. Even if one of those turns out to be true and Briles helped to cover it up, well then FU** YOU.

Ashamed to be a Cats fan today, call me dramatic but just how I feel after following this Baylor story for so long now.

It will be interesting to hear how Randy Ambrosie responds to this if/when asked.

It will also give an indication of how big a stick Bob Young carries in the league.

It's All accusations that he had knowledge of it. He has never convicted of anything. How do you get over something if allegations are false? The bottom line is he was accused of:

"he worked to suppress accusations of sexual assault made against his players"

Briles has denied having any knowledge of the numerous alleged rapes and Title IX violations within his program while he was at Baylor, and [b]he filed a lawsuit because he believed school officials were implying in interviews that he did.[/b]

Just what I was thinking--about the commish, I mean.

I wonder, though, if Young was aware of the new hire's background and he'll react himself upon learning of it.

Gotta say, this hiring makes Johnny sick.

But, Johnny salutes Ticats fans for criticising this hire, andfor putting basic human decency ahead of the team.

Thumbs up guys!

Agreed! It's a disgusting hire, but it's been refreshing to see a unanimously negative response to it everywhere I look.

No one gets raped and rather than going to the POLICE, go to a football coach instead....

This, to me, sounds like a consensual gang bang, then decided to use this as leverage in extortion.

Nothing about this allegation sounds right at all.

A normal victim goes to the POLICE and not a football coach.

How did Austin and Young sign off on this?!

52 alleged rapes! The only person who would be crazy enough to hire Briles is Bill Cosby!

Okay good stuff, I disagree wholeheartedly, but say what you want. Now please give me an explanation for these as well, looking forward to the one about a guy who was convicted for 20 years.

"Two other former Baylor players, tight end Tre'Von Armstead and running back Myke Chatman, were indicted and arrested in March for allegedly sexually assaulting a Baylor student in 2013. Each is charged with three counts of second-degree felony sexual assault for an alleged incident that occurred when they were still playing for the Bears. In January 2014, former Baylor player Tevin Elliott was convicted of raping student Jasmin Hernandez at an off-campus party in 2012. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Elliott also was accused of physically assaulting or sexually assaulting four other women while he was enrolled at the school."

Your head needs to be DEEP in the sand to be ignorant about this whole situation. If you don't think Briles knew about this stuff and didn't try and suppress it, then you just didn't do you research and probably never will.

A very controversial hire no question. I haven't read enough about the case to make any conclusions about Art Briles personally. Could be a good read though:

I fail to see why a football coach would be involved in a rape investigation at all unless -
He is the alleged rapist or victim
His football program is being used as leverage in an extortion scam.

That's it.

Yes, a lot more to this story I'm sure than what has been published in the media. Don't know enough about the situation.

Been looking for this exact quote so you can't deny it, these are real texts that were used in a court of law.

"Weeks before his trial, Elliott asked Coach Briles in a text message if he would testify on his behalf. “We need to get your name cleared ... Always all in with my players,? replied Coach Briles, who did not appear in court. On January 23, 2014, a jury convicted Elliott on two counts of felony sexual assault and a judge sentenced him to the maximum 20 years in prison."

Is that enough for you to maybe reconsider your stance? We need to get your named cleared aka you need to play football for me, because that what Briles ultimately cared about...and now the guy that Briles was apparently "All in" for will be behind bars for 20 years. I guess in his defence he ever followed through and appeared in court.

There 51 other allegations, you're willing to bet that every single on is a money hungry women just looking to get paid and Players/Briles/Baylor are the real victims here? I 100% understand your hesitation, I am not saying that never happens and Duke LX is the perfect example. But this is a different type of animal, that was one incident, not 52. Plus there is a whole slew of other violations that that Baylor attempted to cover up all in the name of football. These ranged from weed, to academic violations, to revealing a gun to a female student for whatever reason. Baylor was a breeding ground for violations and the program would do everything in their power to cover it up. This happens at every school of course, but seems like Baylor went a little overboard don't you think?

When I was at university, from my own personal experience of course but I can think of a handful incidents that happened to my female friends that just gave me the chills that I know for a fact are true cus I witnessed some of them. If they would have just told me I might have said they were lying, but I've literally witnessed this type of creepy stuff happening, no rapes but pretty goddamn close. Also last thing they wanted to do was talk to the police about the situation, I think you underestimate how psychology taxing something like this can be, because there will always be people who just say you're a lying slu* or who**.

I fail to see how this guy is responsible for what grown adults do off the field.

When someone commits a crime, does everyone they've ever known become guilty by association?

However, Briles dropped the lawsuit when emails and other communications came to light.

It all starts at the top. Any good leader is responsible for the actions of his employees (or in this case players) and ensuring they maintain a code of conduct representative of the organization. The fact that he denied any knowledge of their wrongdoings show complete ignorance on his part... in all probability he did know something but he just chose to ignore or suppress the persons who came forward with these allegations rather than doing their due diligence and conduct an investigation and/or suspend the individuals involved in the meantime.

Considering the number of allegations it is practically an impossibility that he did not have at least have some knowledge this. It really reminds me of Penn State and all the denial and suppression that occurred in that environment

Wonder if B.S. Briles & your buddy Eric Tilman have compared notes Johnny?

Next thing you know they'll be sending in the social services & sexual crimes counsellor from Pedd State to arbitrate the situation!!!

Almost everyone deserves a second chance - which begs the question as to why no one in NCAA or NFL wants to give this dude his 2nd chance???