All the mistakes on Offense / Special Teams and Defense makes you realize that this coaching staff does not emphasize paying attention to detail or if they are the players have tuned them out. Either way, Hawkins and his band of clowns are headed for a miserable season. All I have heard as how well the defense has played. Well from where I sit all I see is a pressure package, Thorpe just tries to send 1 more than the offense can block..thats it..thats all they do. They have no coverage schemes, no fundamental run reads...just shoot a gap and prey you get to the QB before he can find a receiver. The offense is so predictable, the Calgary DB's were jumping routes from the 2nd quarter on. Hawkins looks out of place, there is no way this man has any command over his team. Something must be done, someone needs to get fired....they will make Miller the scapegoat, but as far as I am concerned Hawkins must go !

This is where Hawkins's inability to run an efficient practice tells. When your offense spends 40 minutes on the sidelines while ST works on half the field, that's 40 minutes less of practice time to get things right, to work on details, etc. They never look crisp and ready to play, even when they're scoring points. Everything is always a struggle, as if the entire unit just woke up a few hours ago and were handed a playbook they were only vaguely familiar with. Players play like they practice...

I entirely agree with you about the defensive predictability. Thorpe has done some good things, and they're clearly energized to fly around the field, but this isn't 2002. You can't just blitz every snap and leave your DBs exposed in man. You have to mix up your looks, calls, and formations. We've got some great players on defense, and some smart guys too. You can't tell me Emry, Cox, and co. can't handle the complexity of a few checks and keys at the line. I think the base package is good, but it won't do if it's all we've got. Thorpe has to start adding layers of complexity to that base. Maybe he can ask Mark Nelson for pointers.

That defense is designed to go with a productive offense... Had the offense just been average and consistent, this team could be 4-0. The offense hasn't been able to sustain a drive in 11 of the last 12 quarter.

I agree, but you have to adapt. The offense isn't productive, so Thorpe will have to start introducing some new wrinkles in practice. And productive or not, as I said, you cannot just blitz blitz blitz all the time in 2013. Offenses have become so sophisticated it just won't work.

I don't have a problem with it because if your offense is doing its share, the other team is reduced to going to short outs to the sidelines and the law of average works in your favour. Thorpe is making this defense work with one Defensive End, that's remarkable. If you look at the roster two things jump out. If Bowman goes down they have no one to replace him and we have no Offensive Linesmen left either. Barrette is the sole OL backup dressing and we have no one else.

One positive? I thought Bomben played very well in Flory's spot. In fact, the line looked better with Bomben at guard. Maybe Scott needed to retire before the injury...

EXACTLY what I said last year
Only this year is worse...as AC slips away
(the defence sure looked familiar....didn't it?)
An aggressive "D" can't be...if the offence consistently puts them in defensive situations
(bad field position)

Last year you all saw fit to blame the defense
(as predicted)
This year you're blaming the coaching
Keep going dudes
Eventually you'll get it right!

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Oh yah...Whyte showed some progress punting
Nice to see

:roll: Seriously?!