Discusting trade dealings

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Is that the thanks I get for taking your side

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exactly, but the crygary fans and the crygary mods on here are so blind to the facts and jealous that they post nothing but ignorance and negative crap....

Next year you will nedd to change your name to eskimoslastafterall

.....there is only one Calgary mod on here.....and he is definitely not the "blind to the facts and jealous" type.....


nor does being a mod have anything to do with this

ok then i'll see you later, wow.go read redandwhites posts and then come and say that again.

Sounds like whining to me. As a matter of fact they would have made the playoffs if your defence could have stopped Maas or not let Ray move the ball repeatedly into scoring position. I could go on and on, why tarnish the season and the league with a bunch of "what ifs"? I am sorry for you that the Lions did not play in the Grey Cup, but instead of blaming the Esks why not look in the mirror and question why a situation was allowed to brew with your own QB's. To add to that, if Printers is everything he claims how come he couldn't get it done, or is that the Esks fault too?


JM02 I do not know about you but I do not think redandwhited posted in this thread. I believe he is directing this to me. Which is fine. Jealous no. In fact if Maas had not beaten two teams in the playoffs nothing would have been sadi. The fact the eskies used Maas and won is why people question the trade and the fact how would eskie fans feel if this occured with their team that is all. As far as the Eskimos they are Champions enjoy!

Troy Davis and Joe Montford were both on the 2003 Ticat squad that won 1 game...and that in overtime! So how is it that their presence in the Eskimo locker room allowed Edmonton to win games that they otherwise would have lost?

Edmonton deserved to win the Grey Cup. The league investigated and determined that both trades were on the up and up. This is good for Maas, it's good for Hamilton, and it's good for CFL fans who can now watch one of the best QBs in the league play a full season, rather than standing on the sidelines watching Ray.

Dave I agree with you that Maas is one of the best in the league. It's funny that up until this season the knock on him here in Edmonton was that he could not win the big game as a starter, yet came off the bench in spectacular fashion to show what a competitor he is this season. After the West Semi-Final he was quoted in the paper saying that until about a month and a half ago, he couldn't throw the ball like that. It took that long for him to recover from the shoulder surgery that he had in the off season. I really think that he played injured two years ago and that his body wouldn't allow him to do everything he can. As far as I know you are getting him healthy.

Montford's experience and savvy helped immensely with the younger guys on defence. Davis helped with the one dimensional offence along with Comiskey. They were missing pieces of the puzzle man.


Another intelligent post. More ammunition for my probationary idea.

and you wonder how a team can make the playoffs 30 years in a row…it aint dumb luck…

Just think what Campbell could do for the Bombers instead of Taman! :wink:

People who don't like the trades between the Esks and TiCats are just jealous that their team didn't do it instead.

It sure is a great Stat! Oh well lost its appeal some how not important anymore.

Well that sound you hear is hughy coughing up a Tabbie Cat hair ball, will Danny work for the media ?,if so the trade just got better.

I'm surprised that everyone is so shocked - after all, yellow and green are the colours of SLIME.

It must be a hollow win for the Esks fans knowing their team couldn't have won the GC if they hadn't cheated their way there.

Thye will get what they deserve next season when Ricky Ray continues to show his losing ways.

this GC prob feels the best..Hearingall you little girls in tutu's whine and cry, its a great feeling