Discusting trade dealings

By making two back to back one ended trades with Hamilton, Edmonton ripped off Calgary, BC, and Montreal. Edmonton could not have gotten past BC or Calgary without Jason Mass jumping in for Rickey "I can't play a full 60 minutes" Ray. On the other side, Edmonton would have gotten no where in the post season with the run game they had before. The bottom line is that these two trades are below bush league and the CFL should step in hard and at least take away some draft picks from these two teams.


possible solution....move trade deadline to earlier date.

now kidding how tiring already, if any of the other fans teams could have made the same trade they would have of......


I guess they could move the deadline earlyer but it was like Hamilton loaned out Jason Mass for the playoffs. I know for sure my Lions would have made it to the Grey Cup if that trade hadn't gone down completely unfairly

...oh....your motives for this post is revealed...your a biter lions fan.

they should move the trade deadline to the week after labour-day games.

OMG MAN,. you are sucha baby.........you knwo for sure, what you though all this up while you were a NDP rally tokin soem weed. so shut up, WE WON , WE WON IN YOUR HOUSE WE GOT YOUR QB TO CRY.....GEROY SUCKED, CLERMONT AND HIS LITTLE BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER COLLECTION(WHITCH IS VERY CREEPY) SUCKED, YOUR WHOLE TEAM SUCKED.......YOU WERE 21-7 AT HALFTIME SAY MAYBE THAT CAUSED YOU TO LOSE, so shut up get your facts stright you moron

Hold it wight there wicky, you getting wowdy....he's only stating a point..
No need for wough stuff.

lol.....ive heard this oppinion 15 tiems and its not warranted state me a fact of hwo you know you would have won, YOU CANT because u can look at soemthing that didnt happen...ricky prob would ahve threw a TD on BC soft D.. and our D shut Casey give me a kleenex printers down

Yes they did...congrats to the Esk's...but in the never ending world of the CFL. Ther's always a scandal worth talking about.

ya i know for sure that the esks would have still won without maas, i know this for a fact so your fact can't be a fact, this is a mtter of fact , i tell you....

Its funny RnR that nearly fans from most CFL cities believe that this was wrong. Just maybe if the Eskimos ever get in to post season play again that other teams bolster the rosters of teams playing against the Schmoes!

there to stupid.... only a org as smart as edmonton would say ;'' hey we dont run the ball well , well lets go get the best rb in the league and offer them jason at the end of the season''................ if thats what happened. and if it did,I GUESS YOU ORG WAS TO STUPID TO DO IT

your forgetting one thing, to make a trade like this your team would need to have huge assets like the eskimos, and don't forget both maas and ray started with the esks and the esks developed them , this is something lost on most people..........

EXACTLY , is it our falt we know how to scout.... HOW ARE THE SOUR GRAPES TASTING redandwhite

Scout what? You hide trades under the table that is right is it. You know I wish the worst for both teams Hamilton and Edmonton for next year. If anything they deserve it. Sour grapes no way. I feel worse for Montreal and BC fans more so. The Stamps moved up from last place in the league to 2nd place ahead of the Schmoes! I am very happy with our team and no loaners to be had on this team. So what is the eskie slogan for next year do not pay until 2007! ha ha ha RNR you have home work to do.

So why is no-one raggin on Halilton for allowing this trade.
They agreed to it ya know.

lol w/e dude this is a waste of a topic, WERE THE CHAMPS.

new nick for redwhite2005:
redwhite2055, that will be the earlies you will see another grey cup, the eskies are gonna be even better next year, the stamps will stop overachieving ,lol, good luck cause you'll need it.......