Discussion forums when teams are losing

I think that discussion forums are fantastic when teams are doing well but when they aren't, like our Cats now, well maybe they should be ditched, just too much negativity on them, rightly or wrongly whatever but negativity nonetheless which does bug me and I find myself getting caught up in it. But it's like a drug and you have to read it even though you really don't want to.

Can you imagine a discussion forum for teams like the Chicago Cubs, perennial losers decade after decade at one time. Now that would be some forum to read.

Since the birth of this forum, when exactly have we been doing "well"?

Also, in a league of 9 teams at it's peak...to consistantly be the worst team in the league is unacceptable.

Fair enough Kmarch.

Yes I am Detroit Lions Fan
They Where so bad the Lions
Stopped having Fourms..

True onknight?

You've obviously never visited riderfans.com after a loss. :lol:

Well I suppose it could have been worse....wonder what the Shreveport Pirates discussion boards would have looked like.

Oops bad example; with no fans, how could anyone discuss how bad they were.