It was just weeks ago that most of the posters here were saying:
-We needed a change
-We have a stale system
-Good riddance
-It'll take 1/2 a season to round into shape.
-In Popp we trust

high profile players like Richardson and Calvillo were saying:
-exciting new playbook. Can't wait.
-good for athletes to keep learning
-teams were catching up
-Richardson, in particular, said the change is good.

Most nodded in agreement

Now one TERRIBLE game and you want heads to roll? Calvillo was like a petulant kid out their throwing his hands in the air.

Hard to say its system. Or performance. or an immobile QB who is looking afraid and one dimensional.

But there sure seems to be discrepancies what many said earlier to what is being said now.

There is a difference between growing pains and looking like the worst team in the league. Your right there is a bit of everything in there but there were no adjustments at the half. no time out called to rally and calm the players, no pulling of your QB. No imagination in the passing game.

As for JR after two games he's got what 70 yards ? That's is hard to imagine frankly. Many of us were saying take your time with Whitaker, stop trying to rush him in. Well he was good for five carries, had nothing left after that and if your not going to include him in screen pass situations he's not the right back for your offense.


I,for one, don't think that it's time to panic; yes, the offence played ugly but let's not fire all the offensive staff so soon. If the results/performance don't improve before the end of July,then changes will have to occur. Coaching and/or QB?

I have always been a fan of Calvillo, but I do feel that he is the main culprit for thursday's loss; he seems less mobile that ever. Without a mobile Lulay, BC would have been beaten by the Argos last thursday. The same yesterday; the mobility of Durant enabled the Riders to come back into the game and win.Even last thursday's, with a less mobile Pierce the results could have been different; twice he eluded the rush and completed long passes which eventually translated into 2 TDs.

Marc Trestman's system was more adapted to Anthony,but Marc is gone. Either the actual system will have to change or Anthony may have to "envisager la retraite". The end for Anthony could come sooner than I had expected.


I'm not an apologist for the coaching hires.
However Montreal scored 38 the week before. Not bad
Then a terrible game.
with the limitations of an immobile 40 year old QB on full petulant display.

Everyone wanted changes.
Now after one game many are screaming.
Is it system? Are you sure?
Or performance in this one game?

But Calvillo behaved very poorly during and after the game. THAT has to change.
But when people say "Our system" needs to change they have to expect change. And that may mean personnel as well.

Or the current coaching staff has to adapt the playbook to AC's strengths. So far they are trying to adapt an NFL style game with little to no movement before the ball is snapped. This is the CFL not the NFL. And to have no change in the gameplan in the 2nd half is completely unacceptable to me. Running game was virtually non existent. Whitaker 10 carries for 33 yards. This has nothing to do with AC and his mobility.
Sorry but disagree. This is Hawkins and his coaching staff as much as AC and the players. They better adapt quick or it will be a long season and there will be no playoffs for this team.

They scored 14 thankfully due to Bombers two turnovers early in that game otherwise this team could have been looking at -0-2 record.

And why did Hawkins sit AC down in the 4th to try and make something happen If AC was to blame entirely? Why did Whitaker manage a whopping 33 yards on 10 carries?! Why was Flory like a turnstile on one play in the second half which resulted in a sack? The entire o line looked lost.
Guessing this is all AC and nothing to do with Hawkins Miller and Verducci?! Hawkins just stood on the sidelines with no expression, a deer caught in the headlights.

Sorry Hawkins and company have as much to blame as AC.

What I am suggesting is that everyone seem to agree that a new system was needed.
You hired coaches to implement the new system
There is no guarantee that a new system is functional
and there is no guarantee that existing players can or will adapt to a new functional system

But its really early to say that its system or players or terrible game.

But pretty well all on this site wanted change. Hence the discrepancy.

However it'll never work if the leader , calvillo, is openly disrespecting the change.

They will need to adapt the "system" as the game goes on, something I did not see in the last game. No creativity, no change in direction in the 2nd half. In fact it got worse.
If you include the 2 pre season games, that is now 4 games to get a feel for the CFL game. I for one, expect to see a better game plan put in place by the coaching staff before I point the entire loss on AC.
I am not saying AC did not play poorly. I am saying I am not ruling out Hawkins, Miller and Verducci in the loss. They are not getting a free pass as far as I am concerned.

Agreed. Lets see how players, Calvillo, coaches adapt. Very early yet. I'm just hoping to see Calvillo not pouting and throwing up hands in open disregard. My own opinion is that he will not adapt to a system that varies from from the past Trestman years. he's very limited now. So the coaches hands may be tied in implementing the changes they may want.

In hindsight popp may have been better off to hire a HC that said we'll coach within the existing system

we'll see.

There are still 16 games to go and the Als have lost 1 game,as 7 other teams. Tomorrow night, 1 CFL team will be 0-2.


Shall read as: 6 other Teams.


Some thoughts on this offensive mess:

  • Things seemed to come to a head Thursday, but wouldnt there have been red flags throughout training camp? Wouldnt Calvillo and Berry say something if they saw Miller designing an offense that wasn`t going to work? Why did it take so long to come out?

  • Berry is up in the press box. Why no halftime adjustments Thursday?

  • I have lost a lot of respect for Calvillo. He may have all the reasons in the world to be upset with Millers offense, but a true leader keeps things behind closed doors, rather than throwing hissy fits on the sidelines . At least out of respect for Mr. Wetenhall who was at the game. And it wouldnt hurt for Calvillo to communicate with his teammates and coaches on the sidelines instead of sitting in the corner like a pouting child.

  • One of the things that Hawkins said at camp was that they would start with the new parts of the offense and would gradually move to the stuff the team had used in the past. That`s what he said!

  • It`s really a shame about the offense, as the defense has been lights out (Hebert and Edem have been standouts), and special teams have been holding their own. I have to admit that so far Whyte has been doing his job.

  • We`ll be getting great coverage next week, as the press and Herb in particular will be on this like flies on you know what.

Not going to bother to reply this slant troll except to remind everyone else that there's a world of difference between optimism about coaches' potential and blindly saying they'll do great. I was happy to see a change in our coaching staff, but implicitly that meant a change for the better. This was always a big gamble; we all knew that. And as Hfx said, big difference between growing pains and the offense looking like absolute garbage because our OC is too stupid / arrogant to figure out how to call a CFL-specific game.

This offense has been at the top of the league the past few years and now suddenly it's worse than Winnipeg? Sorry, that's not the players and it's not Calvillo in particular, it's the coaches. And if Miller's playbook needs Calvillo to be more mobile, that's just plain asinine. You devise a playbook to maximize your starter's strengths, HIS specific strengths. Even more evidence of Miller's incompetence.

Whatever, that's the last I'll post on the topic.

Again...the discrepancy is that most said it'll take time.
first game 38 points
second game terrible.
And now this response

is it system or poor play?

regardless its one game.

A new system takes time.

And will not disguise poor performance.

It will not help Richardson gain the loss of speed or perhaps hunger.
Or Calvillo's immobility or , imo, attitude

Or Whitakers injury.

but it still needs more time before the knives are out.

But Popp wanted these coaches. He wanted a change in approach it seemed.

slant, what you don't seem to recognize is that football is a game of adjustments. All we got in the second half is O coaching staff looking dumbfounded ( and don't think for a minute that this is no lost on the players ) not admitting to themselves that the plan is not working and start looking for holes in the D at half time. If at training camp you wanted to install a whole new O scheme ( which everyone was told wasn't the case including the players) one would think if things were not working that great you would go to the plays that have worked in the past. He who hesitates is lost and that under current is infectious, which anyone who has played team sports knows. AC was 100% correct in the shot across the bow of the coaching staff, because he knows that this staff only has one more game before player stop believing, and if that happens it never going to be any buy in. Players` would crawl over broken glass for our last coach. Let's hope that these guys man up, admit they f up to the players and try and rebuild TRUST.

Dave…I get it.
my post is about the discrepancies of us posters.
without fail it was said it would take 1/2 season to see.
Now after one bad game many are calling for dismissals.

I get the frustration. i’m on record of not liking the choices of NFL style coaches.
But now we’ve got them we need to wait and see.

but we posters need to be accountable.

Hence my point of discrepancies.

I’m not convinced that the system is at fault or players not willing to buy in. we all have opinions. But without fail no one said that after one bad game we would panic. The als stunk last year as well in game two…losing 38-10.

The only declarative statements I’m making are Calvillo needs to act more maturely on the field and posters need to remember what they have said.

I totally agree with you. Yes, I have concerns but the season is young.

Presently, my number 1 concern is Anthony.


AC passed for 5100 yards last season in 17 games (Held out of the last game). He didn't become a 2000 yard QB overnight. He was never mobile, he never liked getting beat up. Jim Popp was clear, the coaching staff needs to come up with a game plan that works to the strengths of AC.

Bingo. An OC who devises a playbook unsuited to his starting QB is a moron and should be fired. Ricky Ray isn't a mobile QB either and that doesn't stop him from being effective. To me, the biggest issues are the lack of meaningful pre-snap motion and the vanilla routes & formations. Teams are going to sit back, rush four, clog up our receivers, and dogpile Calvillo until and unless we start stretching the field vertically and horizontally. Flare or screen Whitaker, used stacked formations to allow receivers to come free via picks. USE THE SHALLOW CROSSING GAME FFS.

Big difference between an offense with normal growing pains and a flatline offense that is incapable of protecting its QB or threatening even when the defense is giving it superb field position via stops and turnovers. The former is acceptable, the latter is not given the talent we have on that side of the ball.