Discovering the uncanny truth about Canada

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Read the rest of the article for an interesting outsider’s take on the CFL and Canada.

funny, cuz i feel the same way about americans when i am forced to go to america to visit the mother-in-law.
i feel uneasy the whole time im there, and when driving home, i feel like im being followed/chased by T-2000 and i don’t feel safe until im at the canadian border and see the red maple leaf!

This may sound strange but I carry an american flag (small one out of view) with me all the time. Alot of people here in Campbell River are aware of me (political views) and Quite frankly it’s my business. However there is a resaon why I have it; the fued/conflict started at the mill here where I used to work. Anyway each to there own is the way I look at it.

dg, Phil Lind from Rogers, Mr. "bring the NFL here" man from Rogers as we know, doesn't feel safe until he gets across the border going to the States. :wink:

my opinion of the article - somewhere between being offended and :roll:

I think the writer is really from toronto.

I mean, who puts goal posts at the goal line where players can run into them?
uh, well, the NFL did for ages, and the only time in recent memory I can recall a player hitting the post is when Buck Pierce was sacked right in front of it and he popped right back up, so given pretty much no loss of player safety it makes things way more fun (with missed FG returns and all that good stuff) ... maybe it should be asked, who puts goal posts at the end line where nothing exciting can happen on a field goal attempt?

how the heck can football be creepy anyway?

i don't get it. this article doesn't even begin to make sense

then there are situations where the pass hits the post. Post at the end of the endzone is the one thing I want for a number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with the nfl.

Another site with a bunch of blogs on the CFL. Pretty good reading!

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And several others.

No question the posts on the goalline brings more factors into play and adds to the game but on the rinky dink size of the field in American football I suppose it works there.

whew!!...that clears things up for me, i thought we only felt that way about them, with thier stupid accents, excess number of mullets, over use of bumper stickers, their rudeness for the most part, obesity, and in general they are just pretty friggen ignorant. :roll:

I couldn't resist! I had to email him!

I ripped him a new .. you know what.

I told him his article was bland and had very little evidence to support what he said.

I suggested and challenged him to actually come up here and see some games in our best football cities and see how are game is so good.

then I told him in the end that saying our game is creepy is like a 6th grade girl telling the boy he has cooties and hates him.

the guy in my opinion is not a very good journalist, hence why he writes for some small two bit newspaper.

Well, now he is going to think Canada is even more creepy, thanks cflisthebest. 8)

I'm not sure criticizing him because he lives in Decatur and writes for the local paper is really valid. For all you know he does it part time to help feed his family.

The man is entitled to his opinion after watching several games. You don't have to agree with it but why rip him a new one simply because he expressed his observations? He's clearly at least a casual fan or he wouldn't watch at all. You should encourage him to watch more games instead of showing that some Canadians take criticism of their football personally. Try and engage him in a friendly debate - maybe you could point out things about the game that haven't occurred to him.

Great. Now I'm going to have to email him and inform him that not all Canadians are like you.

why does anyone care what this guy thinks?

I'm with you on that one drummer_god. Furthermore; The said words Quoted by the person that wrote the article in the first place which was posted by rpeage has already been thought of by others besides him. To think otherwise one would have to be a fool.

It's just an observation. Care or don't care. I thought it showed what a casual fan from middle America is thinking while he watches games. Make of that what you will.


I understand rpaege, thus two different leagues/rules for the NFL and CFL. I enjoy both. Cheers

well, ok I didn't officially rip him any new holes.

It wasn't as bad as you think!

he actually replied back and even wrote a compliment about our game.

so it's not all bad :slight_smile:

This whole thing is just creepy to me. :stuck_out_tongue: