Discovered some CFL talk on the tube

Recently discovered Rod Pedersons Youtube show on the internet .

It has some real good CFL talk with a few players and decent conversations CFL oriented .

He had James Wilder calling in for example .

It is the kind of show I wish TSN has for the CFL fan to enjoy .

It is based in Regina but it’s kind of a nice fresh breath of air not being Toronto centric talking about the Jays , Raptors and Leafs .

He also talks other sports … but it’s broken up on youtube nicely where you can watch the content you want as it’s well labeled .

Anyone needing a fix of CFL talk it’s a nice slice of gossip and discussion .

Here’s a sample .

You lost me as soon as you said Rod Pederson . Biggest Pom Pom waving water melon wearing Green and White tainted homer pant load on the internet . The guy is truly a class “A” Clown that might be good for a chuckle or two with his laughable bias opinion on everything Riders but that’s about it .

Yes I enjoy watching the things on CFL. Who cares if it is from Saskatchewan. I don’t know why some people have to be so critical or putting down others. Their own insecurity I guess. Keep up the good work Rod Peterson.

He’s racist too.

Yes. Actually it is live every morning sask time the entire show On Facebook
Video component.
The UTube Clips are from that FB coverage.

& yes he know longer works for the Riders and the focus of the show is on the entire CFL. Great Guest from players, media members, etc. From every CFL team.
& the fanbase of his show is growing largely very quickly from all CFL & Canada cities.
Yes his long time ties to the Riders cant help but still have Riders talk. Lol. Especially with John “Frenzie” Lynch a regular live on the coach every Friday LOL.
But its way more than the Riders.
Also gets into other Sports topics. But it is a CFL show.
Its awesome.
U can also watch the shows reply on FB. As well as live & Replayed by audio on podcast networks

& yes this is something that should be shown on National TV networks.
Or even be simulcast or syndicated on Networks in different markets.
The show has no ties to any network at all.
It is produced independently. & is shown on a multi media platform youtube.
Hopefully other TV Networks catch on.

Put that idiot on a network full time and I’ll pack in my CFL fandom for good.

He’s very over the top and a Homer even irritating sometimes, but he was the longtime voice of the Riders. He was also a voice for other Sask sports teams in the past.

Name a regional or team broadcast that the host isn’t a homer.
Have you heard Regional broadcasts takes from the NHL especially in the states. The home team does something positive, not even a goal, and its like they discovered the cure for cancer. If the visiting team does something, they can barely get it out and it sounds like a funeral for someone’s dog.

Or is it we are so accustomed to hearing our sports news and regular news from a Toronto/Ontario perspective that someone leaning or favouring another area, it makes us flinch.

He used to be on the radio and hosted a local cable channel sports show. Mostly riders, and mostly CFL, but he also was quite knowledgeable about a variety of sports.

I watched the most recent one’s that were CFL related I thought they were pretty well done for what’s out there on TV currently .

Rod is a homer but the good positive talk about the CFL is worth the watch .

The players seem to be okay with him and the talk is like the original TSN Landsberg off the record when he had CFL related topics with guests .

It is homey in nature and when they are talking CFL I enjoy the banter .

TSN needs a CFL show with guests talking CFL year round .

Appreciated Pederson discussing some sensitive topics straight up with Wilder rather than the traditional softball lob questions that most sports reporters in this country do.

Interesting that Wilder did not care for the coaching staff in Toronto.

The CFL needs more of this type of reporting/shows/podcasts etc

Agreed as long as Pederson and his “Canada’s team” BS isn’t the one hosting it .

sounds like you did some plumbing on the internet and found the drain clog.

Well. He is only a year removed from being the voice of the Riders for alot of years.
Before that he was the voice of the Regina Pats of the WHL.
Born, Raised, & Still lives in Sask.
The show is in Sask.
He does make it a point to say that he no longer reps the Riders.
People on social media replies and guests live on the couch are readily available.
So its not gona happen in a year.
But a large portion of the show has people in the CFL from all CFL markets etc.
Justin Dunk of 3 down Nation is a regular on the show where all CFL is talked.
As well as media CFL personalities from every team in the CFL.

Has Wilder ever cared about or liked anyone other than Wilder?

Nik Lewis is hosting Thursday’s show and I believe have other CFL players on .

Lewis was on the warmup portion of the show today. Where they broke that announcement.
But Also announced that he was already told that he will not be invited back to BC to coach next season.

I like the candid player , ex player or coach talk too . It’s not boring .

TSN and SportsNet has no money for progarmming like this. They cut OTR which was their best show. They cut all the hockey programming on TSN about 20 years ago. Remember the Hockey show i think was called Be a Player?
ESPN and FOX SPORTS created sports talk in the afternoons but they do it for 2 reasons. 1) promote their network partnerships. Why ESPN goes nuts for NBA 24/7 which is hurting their audience numbers. 2) it fills time on so many useless stations. ESPN tries to get college sports on all their networks as often as possible so they fill their programming.
TSN just simulcasts everything at no cost so its cheaper for them. Yes Canadian fans suffer and its why Canada needs a true sports network that doesn’t affiliate themselves with ESPN.