Discounted Tickets for Season Opener in Toronto

Hey guys.. was searching the internet yesterday for tickets for the game and stumbled on this from a kijiji ad:

Knights of Columbus Fundraiser invites you to JUMP THE QUEUE

Purchase tickets now to Toronto Argonauts Home Opener versus Hamilton Tiger Cats Sunday 25 June 4PM.

Knights Silver A seating is only $38 (normal box office price is $59 per seat with fees)

Knights Navy A seating is only $30 (normal box office price is $44 per seat with fees)

You save and you help our charitable endeavours at the same time.

You purchase direct from with our Promo Code KOFC857, choose your own seats.

I can confirm this does work.. great deal on tickets. We scored 4 in 121 mid-way up for $39.50 a piece.

Lets grab all of these and make it a blackout!

PS: This code works for all Argos home games.

grabbed 3 in section 121, gunna represent the black and gold strong!


I would have saved $100 off the $300 spent for the five we bought in section 121. Oh well.

people should jump all over this! :thup: :thup:

Since the Knights of Columbus are involved, I wonder if the ticket buyers realize that the dress code stipulates a big, frilly hat and a sword. Eye patch and parrot are optional. :wink:

Good luck to the Argos this year. I think they will be much improved. Of course, the Cats will crush them, as usual.

Pat Lynch (the old guy who still remembers Ronnie Knox)

i think the Argos will actually take a step back this season from last year and that is not easy to do :rockin:

But their Defense is greatly improved, they are loaded at Linebacker, they also picked up Winston Venable, Shawn Lemon at DE, Cleyon Lang at DL, Rico Murray, Johnny Sears, Cassisus Vaughn. O line looks really strong this year.
Their receivers look good with addition of SJ Green. They don't have the worst bunch of receivers in the east.
I think they will surprise a lot of people.

And I think the biggest difference will be the attitude that Trestman brings and instills in his players. I expect the Argos to be a different beast this year and that Ray will thrive under Trestman. He is a more accurate passer than AC was, although perhaps not as quick a release. Win or lose, I expect they will be a much tougher and more aggressive opponent than in previous years. Take them lightly at our peril!

Wouldn't that be the lesser known fraternal organization The Pirates of Columbus?*

*Not to be confused with the Pirates of Pittsburgh

And their parrot...

Very well done Mark! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Bear Woods has flown to Toronto. A sign that he's going to be signed by the Argos? probably.
If he does sign with the Argos, they will have on paper, the best "D" in the east.

[url=] ... s-toronto/[/url]
Bear Woods has flown to Toronto. A sign that he's going to be signed by the Argos? probably. If he does sign with the Argos, they will have on paper, the best "D" in the east.
Best "D"??? Not sure I can agree with that. And, I'll be glad if Woods signs with the 'Blows. That will mean that C.J. can continue to run him over and Collaros can complete easy 7-9 yard passes over the middle. I will enjoy watching both. [url=] ... s-toronto/[/url] [/quote]

Venables out now and Bear probably in.
Yes "on paper" they look to have the best "D"

Where exactly is this paper that shows all the East teams D?
With or without Woods Toronto does not have the strongest D in the East. No chance!

It's on the same paper that apparently shows Jim that the Ti-Cats have the worst receivers in the East . :roll: :lol:

........just remember who said and claimed it as fact and consider the source ( looks at SlimJim and rolls eyes :roll: and laughs out loud :lol: )

Too funny… :lol: :lol:

I got some tickets in sec 109 Thanks for the tip! :rockin:

Yes looking at the rosters Toronto does have the best "D" on paper. The Ticats the worst receivers in the East. :frowning:
It's not a fact but an opinion. :roll: :roll:
How about stating your "opinion" as to why you think that the Argos do not have the best "D" in the east and why the Ticats do not have the worst receivers in the east right now?

It's a bad opinion. The Argos are made up of spare parts, old and new. As for the Ticats receivers.. Tolliver is a 1000yd rec, Luke Tasker is one of the surest 2nd down converters in the league, also 1000 yd potential. Banks has gamebreaking speed that can burn teams. Brian Tyms was very effective last season for us even though he only played 2 games. NFL experience. Will definitely help. Kevin Elliott much the same. I think we have one of the top rec cores behind Ottawa.

If you are going to the season opener at BMO, they have combined the pre-game Tail Gate with the Shipyards.
It will be at the Ontario Place Parking Lot 2 - still $4 Beers, just need to show your game ticket to get in.

With the lack of interest in the Argos in Toronto, I'm betting that there will be more Ticat fans than Argo fans.