Discounted Parking For the Free Advertisement

For displaying car decals, BC Lion license plates, banners, etc…

Just a thought… It’s called symbiosis.

Not quite sure what you mean here. Can you please elaborate? Thanks!

whats biotic about it?

…what’s in it for the parking lot company?

My car has a JImmy Buffett - Margarittaville licence plate holder, does that mean I can get a discount on drinks?


Living in Langley, and fond of beer, I find it difficult to make it back and forth to the games, so we usually end up booking a room downtown.

If they had built that stupid monorail all the way to Maple Ridge, and Langley it would have been a boon for the Lions, and any team that plays downtown.

Don’t any of the teams control that?

This is from way back, but I remember people saying they should get advertisement revenue if the shirt they’re wearing had a company’s logo on it because of all the free advertising they’re giving them.

Oh, just to give fans some encouragement to wear team colors.

You have to pay the honey guide otherwise next time…