Disconnect Between Bob & Marketing Team?

New slogan contest announced by Bob.
It disappears.

New Pigskin contest announced by Bob and promoted on Lulu.
It disappears (and it seems that final contestants treated shabbily).

Is there a disconnect in the organization?

Was it/is it dysfunctional behind the scenes in marketing? Note that the promo schedule posted is still 2006.

It's odd... very odd.

I have to agree with ya Mark, it seems very disjointed and coming from personal experience. (Treatment from a business stand point ) I have touched on this before.
It is sad.

I know Adam quite well and I think you're off-base (with all due respect)

Adam is as passionate as anyone and cares deeply about the stuff the team does. Yes, he may be from elsewhere originally but so are many people over the years that landed in Hamilton and became passionate Tiger-Cat fans.

Personally, and I may piss a few people off by saying this, I think taking Christopher Dean out of the day-to-day stuff here was a few years premature.....Dean and Provost were a good team and the chemistry worked.

Does it show that I'd like to see the Dean/Provost thingy resurrected?....


Read Seat29's comments on page three of the "Pigskin _______" thread at http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... 909#272909 .

I don't think this thread should be diverted from its main premise. I don't care if the marketing person or people behind a Pigskin Pete successor contest are from Mars or Binbrook, when the team announces one and people start YouTubing and going through Luluhoops to demonstrate their Oski Wee Wee wares and then finalists are chosen, you don't play silly bugger if you do not like the pool of finalists because "they just can't replace Paul."

These people should have been contacted and told that the contest was off. Simple. Instead, you get a marketing howler more in keeping with Hughson Avenue daze than with 21st century showtime...

Suggestion: if the team wants to ensure that they get the right man or woman for the assignment next time: run a contest through tryouts as they do with the cheer team. Period.

I think the backpedalling stinks here.

Oski Wee Wee,

Adam is a good fellow.

From my dealings with him, I concur.

Oski Wee Wee,

[quote="oski-oui-oui"][quote="JustAGuy"][quote="citylegend"]as long as this guy adam is running it, they will continue to do these types of things,he is not from hamilton, he can not connect with the people of ham.

does anyone remember the tiger's lair group?

Yep, and a very small time production from what I've even seen. (I'm sure they were nice people but come on!!) Glad they / the group is gone. Their presence at the Grey Cup Game parties were far from what I would even give minimal credit to.

P.S.: A good "marketer" doesn't "HAVE" to be from Hamilton. A good marketer knows the "end user / or consumer of the product and markets to them directly and through others.


If you thought those were odd, you should take a look at all the football announcements and decisions that seem even odder over the last couple of seasons.

;-) ;-)

Seriously, we have a very small organization with very large expectations to meet. Not all of our projects will pan out as well as we hoped they would. The good news is most of them do.

Mr. Young you owe us nothing. You have kept and reinvigorated a team we love. Thanks for all you do and if you want to start and stop things I believe that is refered to as ownership and leadership IMO