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RB hugh has something up his sleeve last year we brought in Mitchel days before training camp you wait they will announce something in the next few weeks . I will anounce it here when it happens

O-line we brought Beaton out of retirement a provin O line man who never missed a game in six years. Its good to get some experience “procedure calls killed us last year”

D-line we dug up some “Dirt” Dennis Winston new D line coach As the defencive line coach in 2003, Winston coached senior Frank Ofili to a second-team All-MAC season. Overall, UT ranked seventh in total defence (388.2), fifth in rushing defence (150.1) and third in turnover margin (+11) in the league.

In 2002, Winston coached a pair of first-team All-MAC linebackers, Tom Ward and David Gardner, as the Rockets made their second straight bowl appearance. Ward led the league in tackles and Gardner was fourth.

In his first season with the Rockets, Winston helped guide the Rocket `D’ to a No. 2 ranking in the Mid-American Conference in 2001 in rushing yards allowed (105.6), second in total defence (321. and third in scoring defence (25.5). Ward finished second in the MAC in tackles that season.

We also play a direrent dfence and dont need to blitz on every play

Q we got Kalahari good insurance policy but not a starter

D Secondary Sanchez and Wilshire both great players hope Hervey don’t hit him with his helmet

Receivers we still have the same great core but we added some young talent with Deitan Dubuc originally a first round pick who ran south he was also a big ten all star for Michigan.

Danny Maciocia led Canada to its first gold medal since 2000 at the NFL Global Junior Championship second time Canada has ever won. I think he will do fine
but Lancaster still has a ? over his head in my mind.

better hope anthony stays healthey you seen how the team folded when he went down in the eastern final and i dont think the Als have got any better with thier moves I woul say worce

Dubuc is back in the CFL? I always wondered what he could do. He spent the last years doing not much on the Panthers' practice roster. I hope you guys will start him.

Apparently, Ell Robertson is an awesome QB. Last year he couldn't back up Anthony because he was recovering from an injury. But now he's in top shape. We'll probably see him in action during pre-season, which should add something interesting to another boring Renegades/Alouettes game. I hope he's as good as they say because our other two back-ups are plain brutal. Jeremaine Copeland would have done way better than Ted White as Calvillo's back-up. We should have played him in the eastern final. (Copeland was a QB in College untill a guy named Peyton Manning also got on the team. Then, ol' Jeremaine reconverted in a WR because he knew he'd never beat Manning for the QB spot)

Yes Dubac has has been signed hope the 1st round pic we wasted finally pans out (I dont know why teams wast pics on guys who are south bound) good timing with Bradly heading south.
cant wait till the season starts to see how all the teams moves work out most interested in seeing if the stamps can field a team this year to bring so life back to the labour day game.

Hope to see the esks and Als in the grey cup for another match

Tavares Bolden is brutal. I admit it. They realized it too and released him a month or two ago.

Ted White is not. He’s just inexperienced. The only play time the guy had this year was moping up the remains of the other team in the fourth quarter during an Als blowout. Hardly representative of a real competitive game situation. And sure he couldn’t get it done during the division final against TO, but WHY DID MATTHEWS LET HIM CALL HIS OWN PLAYS? That’s Doug Berry’s frickin job if Calvillo’s injured. It’s one thing to let A.C. call his own plays: he’s an experienced QB who’s proven he can handle the responsibility. Letting green Ted White call his own plays during a playoff game was sheer lunacy.

In any case, Robertson is healthy this year and he’ll be the real no. 2 QB. He’s supposed to be the ‘quarterback of the future’ for us so it should be interesting to watch what he does in preseason.

I agree on White and Roberson, White got too much heat for the East semi, though playing that D, as for Roberson i saw him at pratice at the end of the season last year, he is looking good, and now we Got vaughn :slight_smile:

Come talk Alouettes football Go Als Go!