Discipline by CFLPA maybe the only way.

Well now that we know the CFL has no power to discipline its players. How about the CFLPA hand out the penalty.
In other words they get retired players from the 9 CFL teams and have them form a committee. That committee would rule on issues such as the fiasco out of BC. This way they have represented their players and safe guard the stupidity of the BC Lions.
This way you do not have to open up negotiations on this issue. It would be players judging players.

If the arbitration clause is still there then it is no good. Until that is taken out the CBA, it will be the same results.

Of course arbitration would be removed to make this work . But instead have having a judge with no knowledge of the game and a lack of interest in the sport ruling this would be more plausible. Peers would be judging them. Several ex players viewed the film of the incident and said it was a deliberate attempt to injure. Greg Pederson a lawyer does play by play witnessed it and also stated it was a dirty play. But at least these guys know the game of football and no a dirty play when they see it.

I don't know 05, on the surface it seems like a good idea but when you get down to it.... It would be players representing the league, judging players.
Somehow I see ex-players leaning more towards players and not the owners. Notwithstanding this present case where it is basically player against player.

I think you would need a panel of equal amounts of players and either owners or GMs to have a better chance to get a truly fare ruling.

Also with reps from both sides, you would have an easier chance of getting rid of arbitration

Your probably right Ro. But knowing the brain thrusts in the CFLPA they would not want the league or owners in any capacity. They want control. Sad say the have done a terrible job so far.

Pro football is a violent sport with its own set of rules different from the rest of society. Injuries can still occur even if players follow rules or not. To outsiders, rules may seem unfair when sentences don't match the crimes. But justice is fair whether you like it or not.

There is a big difference when injuries occur while following the rules and while intending to injure