Discipline a big problem

This team needs to get it together. Three 13 men penalties last week. Pretty sure they called one a minute ago. We probably lead the league in 13 men calls this season. We almost had another timecount to go with last week's.

These are stupid penalties that shouldn't happen. Reed needs to address this issue.

When I saw the title of the thread, I thought it was going to be a thread to bash a certain Alouette fan. . .

Add in a few procedure calls. If there's a dumb penalty, we're taking it. :thup:

Discipline in more ways than one; (games in no given order) >> Ti-Cats next week in Hamilton - home against the Als. Two more games at home with Sask.; playing way better with Miller. Two games with B.C. on the road; also playing well. Is the game in Toronto winnable? And a game against Winnipeg at home...this game is a "MUST" win too. So with all of this; lose the next two games and the Esks are 1-6 since going 5-0 to start the season. I say Edmonton better play well and win next week in Hamilton to break this cycle........Sigh
Note: Hill should be in the line up in Hamilton.

Going to Hamilton: DB Rod Williams is set to play; T.J. Hill although Questionable may play/or one more week. Jason Barnes they say could get to play against B.C. in Vancouver but hope he's ready for the home game against Montreal.
Porter's release: could have stayed on the practice roster but declined, can't blame him. The two Canadian RB's; McCarty has shown well on short gains for first downs while Messam does well as far as a power back with speed and can block; He'll get alot of those against the Ti-Cats rush guys. Hope the offense can move the ball and take some heat off our D for a change.