......Disciplinary rules a joke....

....I can;t believe the bullcrap that was just handed down today by the league , with regard to the Barrenchea hit on Glenn....a fine, for cripes sake....which they also passed off to Bomber players and other esks.... This is totally incredulous ...What a gutless bunch...a joke of great proportions....NO BALLS...i call it....Well i guess the result will be that other qbs. will now be on the radar for 'being put out of action' with brutal hits....Good one Cohon....You sure took a stand on that one...NOT...other qbs. going down will have to look no further than this 'chicken -$hit action lol lol :lol: :lol: :lol:

i hope that our d-line decides to get some pay-back

The cfl has sent a message (fully aware that both teams are meeting again this week for the re-match.)

cfl: suspension? No, let's allow the teams to settle this on the field.

That's what happened here.

Way to grab a pair of cahonas and bring down the hammer. You've basically painted yourself into a corner now. If someone takes off Ricky Ray's head on Saturday, you can NOT hand down any suspension as you've basically gelded yourself with this move. If said accident happens and you do hand down a suspension, you'll have pretty much killed the CFL for me. The baseball strike several years back did it for baseball and the hockey strikes a couple years back did it for hockey and the potential for ruining football for me is fast approaching.

Higgins I thought better of you and I applauded your appointment, but you've basically admitted you're a pansy and shouldn't be in the position you are now in.

I feel that bigblue^.

However, (as I said already serves for the Eskimos sorry excuse as a football team) inferior teams get desperate. If the resulting non-suspension is any indication, I'd be quick to say is Higgin's skewed judgment of the hit. In other words, all the cfl achieved on this ruling acts impartial to protecting its qb's.

That is the precedent now. Fines are punitive enough I'm afraid. Higgin's probably thought Glenn is earning enough money, he gets paid to get drilled; the guilty party was simply "doing his job".

If my logic^ answers the question appropriately. . . it only proves a misrepresentation of (in this case Higgins) incompetence. We all know it, Higgins has tossed the explosive grenade.

The funniest thing about the league and the disciplinary actions is that fines is all they can do. everytime thye suspend a player for something such ahs this hit. or the AJ gass kick from the past. is the layer appeals. is allowed to play during arbitration and then has it over turned. the league took so much time making penalties for teams breaking the cap they forgot how to inforce the penalties of behaviour such as barrenchea hitting glenn.

I made refernce to the gass kick because it was clearly evident he kicked the guy well after the play and still got away with just a fine after arbitration from a eskimoes season ticket holder i might add got rid of the suspension.

the leagues ability to supend players is a joke. they do something wrong they miss a few games. the nhl didn;t seem to mind suspending players from the flyers for all their cheap shots. why don;t you take a look at how they do it seems to work just fine.

I can't understand the explanation given stating that the suspension wasn't given because it would just be appealed. That is a very gutless move.

You give out the punishment according to the crime, in this case a fine AND a suspension. If he decides to appeal it, that is his problem, but you have told the rest of the league that this what the punishment is for this action.

If he was suspended, it would then show how much class(or classless) he is. Does he agree and say "I was wrong" and accept the suspension, or does he appeal it basically saying "I did nothing wrong". Put the player in the hot seat and let them make the next move.

I lost a lot of respect for Gass and Jimenez when they appealed their suspensions.

If Ray gets blown up like Glenn did, the Bomber defensive unit will gladly divide out the fine among all of them. $1000 divided out between the entire Bomber defense to see Ray carried off the field, chump change. What are you gonna do...suspend me?

Higgins doesn't hand down the discipline. That comes from Mark Cohon.

There is no point in suspensions, the Players Union will only appeal and have it over turned.

Remember Jimenez?
Remember AJ Gass?

Not until the collective agreement expires will things change.

Just let me say this, if this is about a 'pro union' stance, then our players rep Doug Brown has a muzzle.

In truth, a non-suspension makes this brand of cfl look bush league (notwithstanding) plain and simple. It's bush league.

...looks like the league has unilaterally implemented a player/discipline protection plan.....aaaand just in time for the weekend game between the Bombers and esks......coincidence or they thought they better put up some protection for the eskie players who were definitely on the Bombers radar for ....lets say '''even-up' score,,,,,I hope the Bombers play clean and tough...unlike the esks cheap-shot artist , Barrenchea....We don't want to be the first ones to have to be 'disciplined' by the league...No comfort to Glenn....but i think we can leave a few guys in the igloo...that we came to play tough and clean....and that they might need a few days in the 'tub' to get over their reminders of a 'hard-hitting' game....there's gonna be no-time for wussies in this one.... :wink: :rockin:

the cfl is laughable. just laughable.

I think it's a good move by the league. Clearly SOMETHING had to be changed. Have to wait and see if it's got any teeth, but here's hoping...there's been too many helmet to helmet hits this year...