Not to many rays of light on the gridiron for the tabbies today.
I can cope with the fact that they get beaten by a better team,
but I can't cope with them quitting as they did today.

One good play to start the second half on a recovered squib kickoff,

Were they complacent today, after last week's big win, or do they
remain fixed on living up to their true colours which we've seen
for most of the past 4 years?

All I know is can you imagine if we played Printers and didnt fire Taaffe? We wouldnt have been as competitive as we were today.

printers will get the start next week. Porter looked less that steller today.

The whole offence and especially the O line looked bad too. It was a combined effort.
I expect Porter to start next week.

8) How right you are "Crash". Try convincing some of the experts about that though !!!! :roll:

i know the hole offence looked bad today but i think printers should get another shot concidering the season is over.

We off to Ridervile on a Short Week
Don't look for a Win here ..

we could afford to rest printers and taafe because of all the wins they racked up early in the year and last season.

Point is the issues here run much deeper than 1 qb and 1 head coach.

exactly and taafe showed absolutely no ability to fix it. You give an interim head coach three or four games to do it? Maybe the new hc will fix it but taafe had a season and a half and was taking this team nowhere.

I think there will be a big line-up at 1 Jarvis Street tomorrow, fans looking to purchase their 25% discounted 2009 tickets. Get 'em early, folks!

The makings of a good team starts with both the "O" line and the "D" line. Both of ours looked bad today, as they have off and on this for most of the season. We have 2 feature backs who are injury prone, and a defensive backfield that can't stop the most basic of offensive schemes - that may be a coaching issue. Have the Als done anything different all year? I don't think so, and yet we can't seem to stop them.
A healthy Tom Canada might have been a great acquisition, but since then, I don't see much hope for the future.

"Predictable" is more apt a title than "disaster".

The same problems that were there in July are still there in Oct. : Point of attack.

MTL is a great team with experienced players accustomed to playing together and know what weapons they got. Hamilton doesnt, yet.

Casey could really identify with Porter today. And Charlie could certainly do the same with Marcel

No protection? hell yes.
Green receivers dont know when to come back and help on a scramble? oh yeah.
O-line cant deliver on 3rd and short? check.
Defense cant pressure QB enough and cant disrupt timing routes and give the Ham's offense a chance? yup
Defense cant stop a big lead so Off has to abandon running game which would help open up pass? yes sir.

Its all about getting the right athletes in here. Obie is bringing them in. The only diff. between Taaffe and Marcel right now is Charlie wont be around to coach the players that could actually make a difference and Marcel might be unless he gets lynched too.

zontar wrote: "and Marcel might be unless he gets lynched too."

I agree with most of your assessment. But who is suggesting Marcel be lynched?

Why would he be immune?
There are two favourite punching bags in this town. QB and Coach.
Marcel got alot of goodwill last week like he was the antidote to Taaffe. But if he finishes the year off with losses he'll be back to being "Bellfool".
Book it.

LONG WINTER THANKS BIG BOB!!!! :thup: :rockin:

I agree that many of the problems we had in July are still problems today (thanks O'Billovich), but Taaffe did a HORRIBLE job and I'd rather lose with Marcel than with Charlie because at least Marcel gets involved and he remains positive. I wouldn't mind giving him a full season to see what he can do. I wasn't sold on him as an OC, but he's not doing a bad job as a HC.

REGARDLESS of the teams finish, NONE of the coaching staff (excl. DMac) should even be considered as re-hires. Its bad enough to listen to the line about "growing" with the young and new guys ( especially when said recruits are painfully sub-par talent-wise ) , but to have to endure coaches who are at the same point in their careers developmentally, is asking WAY TOO MUCH.
For the luv-a-Pete ! Obie,Mitchell - this is the PROS ! Coaches do their apprenticeships in the MINORS-not in the CFL or NFL . You dont get these jobs until you are a proven commodity - and youre not considered one of those on the basis of 1 or 2 yrs.and/ or local affiliation. Youve got to run with the big boys. These are people like Tom Higgins(we passed on for Charlie) G. Marshall in Wpg., R.Stubler, J.Chapdelaine and so on. Well respected fellows... not cross- your- fingers- and- keep- the- excuses- ready types . The BRAIN TRUST blew it this year...a FEW good finds, but way short of ADEQUATE ...and it all started with the re-hiring of the Coach from 1 Million B.C.
AGAIN I repeat...these fans deserve a LOT MORE respect than they are shown.
Get the RIGHT people to do the job this time ...enough with the beginners and has-beens.

How about that rookie coach Trestman in Montreal - he seemed up to the task tonight.

And if you have no appetite for rookie coaches, why do you want to keep DMac? Do guys that were good players get a free pass?

That 'rookie coach' is new to the league, but has an NFL coaching pedigree as long as my arm. He coached Gannon-Rice at the height of the Raiders pass-attack era; he knows how to run a good offense. Plus, he took over a veteran team that needed a few changes, not a dysfunctional bottom-dweller without many good veterans that needed a complete overhaul (which Obie failed to provide).

Bellefeuille, on the other hand, has been in the CFL for a long time, but has never shown that he can be an effective offensive coordinator. Can you name me a single offense of his that has been good? Saskatchewan had no offense when he was O.C., my Als had no offense when he was O.C., and until Danny Mac came aboard, your Cats had no offense with Bellefeuille as O.C.

Marcel Bellefeuille destroys offenses.

And if you have no appetite for rookie coaches, why do you want to keep DMac? Do guys that were good players get a free pass?
Is it merely a coincidence that your offense looks much sharper with Bellefeuille not as involved in the playcalling?