Disappointment, not panic

I’m disappointed we lost last night’s game. But I’m not panicking, and I’m not angry.

We did not play well, and certainly not consistently. We were lucky to be in the game to the end. Statistically, we should have been out of it much earlier. But we displayed some heart out there. This shows promise.

Our offence was not impressive, not very imaginative. We’ll have to do much better than this if we are to be competitive throughout the season. Ranek played well though. One thing I wonder about is the relative absence of DJ Flick from our offence so far this season. He’s a premier CFL receiver; I’d like to see him more involved. Quinnie looks like he has great potential. The game plan is a bit too conservative I feel. This needs to be improved upon.

Our defence was shaky. No doubt the personnel changes and the shifts to new positions, especially in the secondary, contributed to this. Coverage was not strong, with the exception of big plays like the Goss return and the Shaw almost-return. Cody played well I thought. The front seven were OK. I am concerned about our secondary; Calgary was able to move against us with relative ease for much of the game. We need to tighten this up considerably. I don’t know if the medicine required is time for the players to get used to their new assignments, or if we need some player upgrades.

Special teams were inconsistent too. Boreham was 2 of 3, that’s better than recently, but he missed an important one. I suspect Ruffin will get a chance before the season is out. Our punting was adequate, not better. Yeast was fine on returns. I think the heavy criticism of him on this site is not warranted. Quinnie was good here too, and with Holmes coming back, I think we’re in great shape there. Team discipline was much better than the last two games—not perfect, but better.

Calling for everyone’s head on a platter, as some people are doing, seems premature to me, a sort of knee-jerk reaction to a rough start. If we change our head coach, OC, and DC now, plus a lot of players, it will take weeks before new coaches have their systems in place. And it is by no means clear that improvement would result. I think we’re better to keep working at it with our current leadership, making incremental improvements steadily as we go. Many people said from the start that our offence will take time to come together as so may new players get used to one another. If that’s the case then we shouldn’t be surprised that we aren’t blowing teams out of the water at this stage. I don’t think the situation calls for a wholesale shake-up at all. We’re only one game out of a playoff spot. Toronto and Winnipeg have tough games this weekend. It’s an 18 game season. We have capable people here, and lots of work to do. I believe we will do it. The team has my support.

Well put...I couldn't have said it any better

Not calling for everyone's head but some counterpoints:

Knee jerk reaction????? Three years of below average football is not knee jerk.....this is not a whople fresh start for the coaching staff......when Marshall won Coach of the Year he took a team that won one game to a .500 club who got destroyed in the playoffs only to go below .500 the following year. Boreham has not produced in the three years he has been here and in fact has had punting duties taken away from him....even the year he shared duties with Ozzy, Borehams responsibilities decreased as season went on.....the defence has been pourous at best for several years now and the same players take bonehead pentalties constantly....

as for the offence......it has been two months and 5 games to "gel".....how long does a unit need to be together to work things out???

for those who think we need to remain "patient"......how long do you wait before changes are made????

Calling for everyones head on a platter is the right thing to do. This is the third year and we are at this stage? Come on. 9-8-1, 5-13, What about this year?? 7-11 maybe? That would be a great improvement from last year. If Toronto and Winnipeg win this week, we would be already 2 games behind in the standings. And that would be a good thing in a division with Toronto, Montreal and a vastly improved Winnipeg team? By the looks of things from the last three games, we will be looking forward to next year by mid-August.


well said, stevehvh...i share everyone's frustration, but panic seldom yields long term results...off-season is the time for changes at the top...only paopao could step in now, and his offence hasn't been shining...you fire the head coach if the team quits on him, and while they struggled, no one quit last night: they showed a lot of heart.

Two years. Three years ago we had a winning record.

...as for the offence......it has been two months and 5 games to "gel".....how long does a unit need to be together to work things out???
Not 5 games. The first preseason game was used for evaluating talent and the first string offence hardly played as unit. This was also somewhat true for the 2nd pre-season game.

How long will it take to gel? Good question.

for those who think we need to remain "patient"......how long do you wait before changes are made????
Me? I'd give 'em 6 (regular season)games. That's a third of the season, and ideally you want to build mometnum as you near the end of the season and enter the playoffs. Long way to go yet.

Some quick points:

  1. Our defence is forcing turnovers which is good. However, they give up WAY too many yards on a regular basis. They get no pressure either.

  2. Our offence doesn't score and it doesn't spread the ball around to our numerous playmakers. We don't try to run very often nor do we try and stretch the opposing defence. For a unit that had such high expectations the offence stinks right now.

  3. Boreham hasn't played well, but I wouldn't blame him for losing the game in Calgary. Couldn't our defence hold for 13 seconds? The Stamps ran two plays and got into field goal range! Yikes.

  4. If Winnipeg loses to Edmonton tonight then the Cats will only be 1 game behind both the Argos and the Bombers.

So despite our horrific start, the season is far from lost.

Your post sums up the current situation rather well, PC45.