Disappointing News from CIS Football

Tyler Varga is leaving Western Mustangs for Yale. Here was an outstanding RB (CIS rookie of the year) that I was looking forward to watching for the next several years, but I guess not any more. As I understand it, he turned down a lot of NCAA offers last year because he wanted to go to medical school in London thinking that it was his best option. Guess he doesn't think that way any more. I guess Yale does have a first rate medical school, so I wish him the best of luck with his decision, but I still find it damn frustrating to see to top talent thinking they have to leave this country for supposedly greener pastures someplace else. The fate of being Canadian I guess. :frowning:

Varga runs away from Mustangs Note: It was confirmed on Kitchener TV this evening that it is Yale.

Sad to see him leave, but if I had the chance, I'd probably go to Yale too, or Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics (if were in the social sciences), and few others.

Money talks. And what if he couldn’t get into Western’s medical school? Medical school is the issue here, not where you play football. It’s tough getting into medical school, that is for sure.

All the best to him.