Disappointing Grey Cup weekend

Two huge steps back re: coverage by TSN in my opinion.

I think maybe they realized they spent too much money last year and went over board on it?

Last year was great, especially the Saturday before...


Well, they had the Vanier to showcase and IMHO you wouldn't want a lot of Grey Cup coverage between noon and and 3:00, possibly longer if the game went into overtime, to distract from the Vanier. And I taped Grey Cup Saturday show and the player awards and the best plays. All good to me.

I didn't find any issue with Saturdays coverage. It gave me more then enough to go back and edit out commercials and such. Today is going to be a huge task for me editing out 9 1/2 hours of Grey Cup coverage. One thing I wish TSN did do is like CBC did and replay previous years Grey Cups at night. Would have been nice to have those preserved in high quality.

I can’t say that TSN pre game coverage so far has been all that bad. I agree that it was a bit excessive last year; approaching the endless hype we all mock the Super Bowl coverage for, but it does give you the opportunity to pick and chose what you want to watch without feeling like you missed anything. Besides, there are other sports to watch as well. Saturday I was switching back and forth between the Vanier and the opening men’s downhill from Lake Louise. Today, I will watch some of the pregame show, but my main interest for the afternoon is the Super G from Lake Louise, hoping Eric Guay can start defending his overall Super G title with a win. Now that is not as important to me as the Grey Cup but it certainly supersedes the pre game show were everybody is just rehashing everything they have been saying for the past week.

Agree deer. I'll probably flip to some NFL before the game as well, all the pregame stuff just gets overexcessive IMHO unless you're at the game, then that's different of course.

Some pretty classy comments from Adriano Belli. :thup: And some pretty funny comments... calling the QBs cheerleaders. :lol:

I don't know.... seems ok to me...

I'm enjoying the Sunday coverage so far. Great interview with Belli, Dutchie making some funny comments... I particular liked the ones about paying $20 for a Sask loonie and not having a bad side. :lol:

So far so good.
Even The Reporters were semi ok until Dave Hodge kept referring to the NFL.
Man, and to think this guy was an Argo play by play guy and was on the old CFN network.

#16 for the Riders breaking it down. That was awesome! :lol:

“When you live in Winnipeg, this is balmy.” Great quote by Doug Brown. :lol:

Love the pics being shown during the Fantuz piece. Good thing my tatters aren't ready for another 30 minutes... :?

Kind of ironic... Cahoon got stabbed in the hand, yet he holds the record for most receptions. :lol:

I watched the better part of the whole day today. I found it was pretty darn good. It wasn't overhype, even a bit low-key, but certainly interesting bits all over the place.

haha adriano was hilarious, kind of funny to see him off the field knowing how intense he can get lol.

There's a MV Canadian than him? :rockin:

Who knew??? :wink: