Disappointed with Spec's Cup Coverage

I usually like the Spectator's CFL coverage, but wasn't the Grey Cup coverage pretty thin today? Or, is it just me?

The centre spread should've been a collage of action shots - instead of Ohio State vs Michigan.

Very disappointing.

I totaly agree.A very weak effort by the Spec....maybe a few e mails to the sports editor are in order.

Cause Hamilton is Not in it.
they don't cover it as Heavy

Hell Game was Snoozer anyways..
the half time show was laughable.
That why Did't even watch it this year.

Knew BC Was going win it..

I agree!

Half a page for Jamie Baressi??? He may be a good position coach for B.C., but he was ineffective as the Cats Offensive Co-ordinator. Brings back (shudder) some bad memories.