Disappointed...no throwback uniform this past season

Would have loved to see the REDBLACKS burst onto the field this year wearing the coach George Brancato/Skip Walker era uniform.

Could it be for legal reasons Ottawa LLC can’t do it? Hopefully they’d be allowed.

What do you say Ottawa fans?

The only throwback Ottawa had this season was the way they played all season long

Like the Renegades shit show days :o

I was thinking the same thing. Very disappointed.

Let’s hope they change the uniforms and helmets next year to look more like the ones depicted hear.

Simple uniform just works with a white pant with a solid black stripe .

i would love to see that. I have my jersey ready to dust off.

I would like to see Ottawa give a salute to their history by wearing a throw back the Rough Riders uniform for a home game.
I think it is always important for young fans to know the history of teams in their city. I’m this case Ottawa’s Cfl history is the Rough Riders.

I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this for the Redblacks

Like that as well . Looks sharp .

Need a third jersey red and a retro jersey old RR from the early 70’s no logo on the sleeve .