Disappointed in the Marketing!

Well we have 1 Home game left and the season is done. Last year they had players cards they handed out at the games!
This year well what did they do for us, 1 bobble head!
I know the team doesnt have to do anything, but it would be nice if they showed appreciation to the fans of this team! After all without the FANS there would be no Ti-Cats!
Ive been to other stadiums in the Cfl and they at least hand out a program for Free, even Toronto! :lol:
Since the Ti-cats have even switched to a newsprint program, which im sorry but useless to the person that wants to keep a sovenier, as im sure people would agree, they get wet, folded etc etc!
You think being the oldest Team in the Cfl they would do more for there fans!
Little things go a Long Long way in my books and the organization has done nothing for the fans this year!
Im sure there will be people saying the team dosnt have to do anything, but I disagree with this, as I said above if not for the fans there would be No team!
I would like to thank all the players and coach's and even the equipment staff for always taking time in practices to talk to the fans and treating them fantastic! :thup: :thup:

Are you suggesting that Ticat org does nothing for the fans?

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Now I really have no idea , but I'm sure the Cats had something to do with dinner for all fans at Jack Astors in Toronto 3 weeks ago.

These comments continue fall on deaf ears. I wrote them last year & offered thoughts / concerns.
Never heard anything back......and not surprised but highly disappointed
They really have no idea.


Personally, I thought the recent Football 101 promotion was a novel idea and great avenue to reach out to the female demographic.

Evening to include:

  • In-class session with Ticats players and coaches
  • Participation in on-field drills
  • Tour of the stadium from behind the scenes.
    Also includes: 2 free Sliver Level tickets ($116 value) for the October 22nd game vs BC Lions, dinner on us,
    and a Nutribar giftbag.
    All for just $99!

Excellent value for the fans no question.

I only wish I could have attended with the GF.

Wow - you guys need toys and trinkets to get you to watch football!
You are getting to see professional football at dirt cheap prices and you want freebies on top of that?
I know that CFL football is a hard sell in S Ontario but come on guys!!

Last year, I got some free soap. I hope they hand some out at this Saturday night's game. My fiancee hasn't let me go near her since that ran out, and I'm starting to miss her.

I've got so many mini-packs of Fisherman's Friend I'm going to have to go out in shorts & t-shirts all winter just so I can be sick often enough to use them all.

Wow - you guys need toys and trinkets to get you to watch football!

Couldn't have said it better mikem. :thup: :thup: :thup:

People say the CFL lost millions of fans when games were blacked out. I lived in London, Ont much of that time, not even a CFL city, and it never stopped me from anxiously watching CFL whenever it was on.

I was at the toronto game 3 weeks ago and at the pregame party at jack astors .i want to just say that it was a nice gesture to have free appetizers at the party . That was an added bonus for supporting our ticats out of town so Jim Edmonds Thankyou

No guys involved, only the original poster wants more.

Some people are never happy with anything!

Think before speaking. This team does a lot for the fans and community!

I've also just thought of the fantastic looking season tickets.
Thank god they got away from the "ticketbasturd " look a few years ago.

But as a Ticat fan in London, you would have been less a victim of the blackouts than prospective Ticat fans in Hamilton. The point about the "lost generation" of fans is that the blackouts gave casual or prospective fans less exposure to their hometown teams. At best half as many chances for a kid not raised as a fan to stumble across their hometown team in a televised game and get excited about it.

I would settle for just a winning season. :wink:

Prior to Mr. Bob Young taking over our beloved Tiger-Cats there where very little perks. How quickly we forget !! Instead of complaining, enjoy what you have because if it wasn’t for guys like Bob Young and David Braley there would not be a CFL.

Bob Young has done wonders for this team and the community. :thup: and to the Tiger-Cats staff I think your doing a fabulous job, keep up the great work !! :thup:

Can't believe Bruce13thman's comment

be grateful for what you have!!

Season ticket holders use to thank you gift every year now we get squat ..
just 500 Football

These are two reason I am not coming back ..

If Hamilton won their next 3 games and finish 10-8 would you still leave if you don't get a gift?

I already Canceled my Seasons and gave my last ticket Away

I want Obie Scott Mitchel and Marcel gone
as a Protest I won’t be back … even if we win the the next 3 till 2 are gone…

I had Enought of the losing

What about if they make it to the eastern final or Grey Cup?